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Department of Nutritional Sciences Online Leadership and Faculty 



                       sara.                Steph Huntzis                 LorenSchriefer

Sara Sweitzer, PhD, RD Stephanie Huntzis, MBA Loren Schriefer

Grad. Progr. Administrator

Instruct. Tech. Specialist


ONLINE Faculty

 molly bray      Jaimie      Linda      Chris  

Molly Bray, PhD.    Jaimie Davis, PhD, RD Linda deGraffenried, PhD  Chris Jolly, PhD  
Obesity Genetics     Obesity & Metabolic Cancer Nutrition  Nutritional Immunology 


   lauri             monica meadows               Monica Milonovich               Herzele Headshot

Lauri Laschinger, PhD  Monica Meadows, PhD,   RD  Monica Milonovich, MS,  RD  Charlotte Herzele, PhD 
Cancer Nutrition  Dietetics Clinical Dietetics & Director, CPD Nutrition Policy


  ladia      De Angulo     Drew.     Natalie Poulos

Ladia Hernandez, PhD,


Alejandra deAngulo,


Drew Hays, MS/RD

Natalie Poulos, PhD, RD

Child and Family Nutrition Cancer Nutrition Culinary Medicine Public Health