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The Nutritional Sciences departmental seminar series is held most Firday afternoons during the Fall and Spring semesters. In addition to Invited Speakers, Nutritional Sciences graduate students make presentations of current research. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

Spring 2020 schedule

January 24, 2020

POB 2.402


Dr. Dan Raiten


Talk title: "Nutritional Ecology – An integrated approach to meeting global dietary needs in a changing environment"


February 21, 2020

POB 2.402

 021 Reeves JHR head


Dr. Jill Hamilton-Reeves

University of Kansas

Talk title: "Nutrition Before and After Urologic Surgeries: Current Evidence and Emerging Approaches to Improve Outcomes"


April 10, 2020

DPRI 1.102



Dr. Corby Martin

Pennington Biomedical Research Center