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The Nutritional Sciences departmental seminar series is held most Firday afternoons during the Fall and Spring semesters. In addition to invited speakers, Nutritional Sciences graduate students make presentations of current research. Check the calendar for upcoming events.



Seminar title & location


Dr. Dana Dabelea
Conrad M. Riley Endowed Professor,
Department of Epidemiology
Director Lifecourse Epidemiology of Adiposity & Diabetes Center
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus


Developmental origins of pediatric obesity and type 2 diabetes

MBB 1.210


Dr. Melanie Hingle
Associate Professor,
School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness
University of Arizona


Harnessing the power of food as medicine

MBB 1.210


Dr. Xiaolu Lulu Cambronne
Assistant Professor, William H. Tonn Professorial Fund Fellow, Molecular Biosciences
The University of Texas at Austin


Mechanistic insights into the compartmentalization of mitochondrial NAD+

POB 2.302


Dr. Robert Reece
Assistant Professor, Sociology
The University of Texas at Austin


Eugenics, weight stigma, and the ridiculous modern quest to measure fatness

DPRI 1.102


Dr. Leah Whigham
Director, Center for Community Health Impact
Associate Professor, Department of Health
Promotion and Behavioral Sciences
UTHealth Houston
Houston School of Public Health, El Paso Campus


A coordinated approach for collective impact on obesity: addressing causes and contributors

POB 2.302


Dr. Sabrino Diano
Robert R. Williams Professor of Nutrition,
Director of the Institute of Human Nutrition, Professor, Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Columbia University Irving Medical Center


Central nutrient-sensing in metabolism regulation

POB 2.302


Dr. Emily Goldberg
Assistant Professor, Physiology
University of California San Francisco,
School of Medicine


A novel mechanism of protein acylation and its implication in immune regulation

POB 2.302


Dr. Erica Mandell
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics,
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus


The role of vitamin D in lung development and disease

POB 2.302


Dr. Erin Lentz
Associate Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs
The University of Texas at Austin


Talk title TBA

POB 2.302


Jean Andrews Lectureship Seminar
Speaker TBA

POB 2.302



Dr. Caroline Johnson
Associate Professor of Epidemiology (Environmental Health Sciences)
Yale School of Public Health

Talk title TBA

POB 2.302