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Alumni from the University of Texas at Austin Graduate Program in Nutritional Sciences go on to exciting and varied careers, becoming researchers, educators, health professionals and more. Below are some of the alumni success stories from our Graduate Program.

Dr. Laura Bowers spent her graduate student years at UT-Austin working to find ways to prevent breast cancer. She graduated with a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from UT in 2014 and was named a "Scientist to Watch" by The Scientist magazine. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition Science at Purdue University.  Her work explores the role of obesity in cancer risk.  

Doctor Bowers

Dr. Ben House earned his Ph.D. at UT Austin and is now the head of Functional Medicine Costa Rica. At the institute, Dr. House focuses on the underlying lifestyle and dietary choices of patients to improve their outcomes. He regularly attends conferences around the world where he presents his groundbreaking findings. You can learn more about Dr. House's health innovations, as well as Functional Medicine, at his blog.


Dr. Karla Lawson received her PhD in Nutritional Sciences in 2003, and she also completed a Master of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2004, where she concentrated in epidemiology and biostatistics. Dr. Lawson is currently the Director of the Dell Children’s Trauma and Injury Research Center at Dell Children's Medical Hospital.  Her research focuses on child injury and how medical professionals are tackling the problem of child abuse. You can read about her work here.

Karla Lawson

Dr. Jane Lee completed her Ph.D. at UT Austin in 2016, followed by a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University.  Dr. Lee is currently the Director of Trial Design and Development at the Baim Institute for Clinical Research.  Dr. Lee's research can be followed here.


Dr. Saroja Voruganti completed her PhD at UT Austin in 2012 and joined the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute and the Department of Nutrition in 2013.  She is currently an Associate Professor, and her work is focused on the interplay between genes and diet in determining multiple health outcomes. 

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