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Check out the latest news and updates of what has been going on with the School of Human Ecology

SoHE Newsletter December 2023

Happy holidays from SoHE! (READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter September 2023

It’s amazing to see the throngs of students back in central campus as we all come back to campus despite the record heat! (READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter April 2023

We have had a whirliwind of a semester this spring! (READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter September 2022

After weeks of sweltering heat, rains have come to Austin. Although we know it isn’t actually autumn, the start of the school year makes us feel like this rain is a signal for new beginnings. And more than ever in the last 2 years, the campus feels that we are back to school, despite the rain. (READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter March 2022

Click here for my video greeting! In this update we have great news from our award-winning faculty – and details about upcoming events. We hope to see you sometime soon on the Forty Acres! (READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter February 2022

It’s already February, but the campus is beginning to wake up from the slumber of the last months and years. After a slow start, with most classes offered remotely for the first 2 weeks of classes, we are back in person this week. It is amazing to see students walking along Speedway, and to meet colleagues in... (READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter December 2021

Happy holidays from the School of Human Ecology! (READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter June 2021

The heat of summer is setting in, and many of us have wrapped up the details of the 2020-2021 academic school year. Already we are planning the return to campus this fall: we are looking forward to being back face-to-face with our students and one another. Congratulations to our graduate program coordinator... (READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter May 2021

In a year that has included hardships for so many of our students, faculty, staff, and loved ones, we have adapted and kept SoHE moving forward. In this context, our faculty continue to thrive and lead at UT and in the world – check out the stories about four of our outstanding faculty award-winners and field leaders.... (READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter March 2021

It’s the week after spring break, and we begin the last part of the academic year. Somehow I can’t decide which part of the academic year is the busiest! This time of year we are wrapping up the semester and supporting seniors with their final projects; recruiting faculty; and finalizing plans both for the summer as well as... (READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter February 2021

I’m pleased to share updates from the School: SoHE will be participating in the upcoming 40 Hours for Forty Acres annual giving campaign. Keep reading to get the latest news about the impact that SoHE students and faculty are having here on the forty acres. Under upcoming events we share information.... (READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter January 2021

It’s the new year! We have new faculty and staff to welcome: James C. Fleet, Sonia K. Gonzalez, & Lily Kress. The news about Dean Goldbart’s pending departure is surprising – he has been a strong supporter of SoHE and all of our programs. Under his leadership we have expanded our outstanding staff, added... (READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter December 2020

Happy holidays from the School of Human Ecology! I’m pleased to share stories about our alumni family; more amazing media for IRIS The Coloring Book (which might be the perfect holiday gift!); and the awards and news coverage of our students and faculty. And on Wednesday, vote for your favorite design...(READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter November 2020

It’s hard to believe it is already November! I want to share the information about the “Dean’s visit” to Nutrition – when colleagues and our friends are invited to learn more about the research of our faculty. Please join if you can! And we are so excited to celebrate three of our outstanding, college-wide...(READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter October 2020

It is beginning to feel like autumn is on the way. We won’t forget this fall semester, with the majority of our teaching and research being done remotely, and a few amazing campus-based laboratory courses meeting in person with new precautions that have kept our students and faculty safe....(READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter August/September 2020

Happy New (Academic) Year! What a summer and fall! We re-opened the campus to students last week, yet more than three-quarters of our instruction is remote, and only our labs are operating in person this fall. But wow – our faculty worked this summer to transform their classes and re-open the....(READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter June/July 2020

Covid-19 is upending many ideas of what it means to be a university: our classes went online; our summer international and special programs were canceled; our plans for the fall continue to evolve. In the last weeks our college joined with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)....(READ MORE)

Message from the Director June 2020

So many of us are reeling. Rationally, we understand the deep history of white supremacy and racism that has been at the core of our history as a nation – and as a university. We can analyze the threat of a viral pandemic. But it is hard to find words – as racism is revealed so clearly in our communities....(READ MORE)

SoHE Newsletter May 2020

What a year! This Saturday we would have been gathering in the Gearing Hall courtyard for a farewell lunch with our graduates, and proceeding to their commencement. It is sad that we cannot all be with our graduates in person, but I’m glad that we can join the celebration online. And I’m amazed and proud...(READ MORE)