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The University of Texas
Dept. of Nutritional Sciences A2703
103 W. 24th Street,
TS Painter Hall
Austin, TX 78712

Phone: (512) 471-0337
Fax: (512) 471-5844


Nutritional Sciences at UT Austin


Dietetics1Nutritional science is the study of processes by which living organisms take in food for the maintenance of life and growth. The study of nutrition is relevant to everyone, and our department encourages inclusivity and diversity.  The ultimate goal of nutrition education and research is to improve the quality of life for all individuals by minimizing disease and maximizing longevity through optimal nutrition.    

The Department includes a strong foundation in several primary areas of excellence in transdisciplinary nutrition research, including Nutrition and Cancer, Obesity and Metabolism, Maternal and Child Health, and Nutrigenomics/metabolomics.  The Department has a unique niche on the UT campus as a bridging health science discipline, and the faculty includes scientists with expertise in a range of biomedical-related areas of study, including nutritional science, metabolism, immunology, molecular biology, genetics, epidemiology, clinical nutrition, and biochemistry. StudyAbroad2

The educational program in the Department includes two accredited professional training programs in dietetics and a research-based curriculum for both graduate and undergraduate students.  In addition, we offer multiple opportunities for experiential learning (internships, outreach, the UT Nutrition Institution (UTNI).  By collaborating across disciplines, building partnerships, and translating our expertise into modern, real world applications, the Department of Nutritional Sciences advances the University’s vision for a healthier community, state, nation, and world.