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Message from the Chair


There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of nutrition-based initiatives and research.   From school lunches and gardens to the molecular basis of nutrition in cancer, obesity, immune response and development, our department covers the gamut of nutrition interests.

A crucial element of our mission is the inclusion of superlative scientists and students from diverse backgrounds and traditions.

As an undergraduate, you have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research through our Nutrition Honors programs, as well as to work toward your certification as a registered dietitian through our professional training programs. 

As a graduate student, you will work with leading researchers working on the nutritional underpinnings of a host of metabolic diseases. Our work includes translational research at its very best, as we learn new concepts that can be directly tested and/or applied in field and clinical settings. 

We look forward to helping you develop your skills and knowledge in nutrition practice and research!

Molly S. Bray

Department Chair and Professor
Susan T. Jastrow Endowed Chair for Excellence in Nutritional Sciences


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