Researchers Work to Improve Treatment for Pediatric Leukemia


Researchers at DPRI, working closely with doctors, seek ways to improve treatment for children diagnosed with two common forms of pediatric leukemia.

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Nutrition Student Interns at the Top of the World


Jenna Fahle has found a wonderful way to beat the Texas heat this summer–she is interning in Nome, Alaska.

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Red Wine Component Can Undo Some of the Harm Done by Poor Diet, Nutritional Science Researchers Find


For the first time, researchers have demonstrated that resveratrol — which is abundantly available in red wine and also found in grapes, peanuts and berries — can ease some of the negative effects on the immune system caused by a diet high in fat.

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Dietetics Program


The American Dietetic Association defines dietetics as “the science and art of applying the principles of nutrition to health.” The Registered Dietitian (RD) credential is required for most careers that involve providing nutritional care to individuals and groups.

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