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Honors in Nutritional Sciences 

Learn how to apply to Honors in Nutritional Sciences

Degree Option IV: Honors in Advanced Nutritional Sciences

Honors in Advanced Nutritional Sciences (HANS) affords talented, ambitious, and highly motivated students the opportunity to perform cutting edge research to optimize human health and disease prevention. HANS students have the opportunity to participate in active exchanges with faculty and experts in the field.  The community of HANS scholars will form bonds with one another and with their professors that will last a lifetime.

Students in HANS will take challenging classes in small special honors sections of introductory nutritional sciences courses taught by our distinguished faculty.


Tentative list of Nutritional Sciences Honors courses:

UGS 018 – Freshman Interest Group Seminar
UGS 303 – Research Methods for the Freshman Research Initiative
NTR 312H – Introduction to Nutritional Sciences – Honors
NTR 312R – Research in Nutritional Sciences – Honors
NTR 338H – Issues in Nutrition and Health – Honors
NTR 355H – Honors Research
NTR 379H – Honors Tutorial Course

Students in HANS are also encouraged to take honors versions of their other science and math courses whenever possible.

By participating in HANS, students will prepare themselves for exciting new opportunities in graduate study, industry, government or professional schools (medicine, nursing, dentistry, etc).

Degree Option V: Nutrition Honors for Dean’s Scholars

The Dean’s Scholars honors option is a highly selective program; admission into this degree option is contingent upon a student’s admittance into the College of Natural Sciences’ Dean’s Scholars program. In addition to a core of research, writing, and seminar courses offered through the College of Natural Sciences, students in this honors option consult with the departmental honors advisor to develop a coherent individual program of rigorous and challenging courses from across the University.

Special Departmental Honors

All Nutritional Sciences majors are encouraged to take part in Departmental Honors. Departmental Honors entails completing a research project, writing an honors thesis and making a presentation. Students who are accepted to Departmental Honors, will work closely with members of the faculty as they complete their research project.

To be eligible to participate in Departmental Honors, students must have a UT GPA of at least 3.00 and a GPA of at least 3.50 in coursework in the School of Human Ecology that is required for the degree. Majors who plan to seek special departmental honors in nutrition should apply to the Departmental Honors Committee no later than the beginning of the senior year.

If you are interested in participating in Departmental Honors or would like more information, please contact the Program Coordinator or Honors Faculty Adviser listed below.

Taking Honors Coursework

All “Honors eligible” students regardless of major are welcome to take the honors versions of Nutritional Sciences courses as space allows. If you are not in a Nutritional Sciences Honors program but are interested in taking an honors course, please contact the Program Coordinator or Honors Faculty Adviser listed below to determine your eligibility. Priority in Nutritional Sciences honors courses is given to Nutritional Sciences majors and Dean’s Scholars students.

For more information, please feel free to contact:

Dr. Ladia Hernandez

Honors Faculty Adviser for Nutritional Sciences:
Chris Jolly
PAI 5.20A/ DPI 2.818
Office phone (PAI) 512.471.7290 (DPI) 512.495.3017