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One Time Exception (OTE) Q drop & withdrawal - Fall 2022 

We are now in the One-Time Exception (OTE) Q drop or withdrawal period until Monday, December 5th by 11:59pm (CST).  The fall 2022 deadline for normal Q drop, pass/fail, and withdrawal has now passed.   

See the Additional Considerations below before submitting your request, including details about the CNS Non-acdemic Counselors available to discuss non-academic concerns that are affecting your coursework.

Also see the CNS Student Services page for more deadline information!

OTE Overview:

  • The One-Time Exception ("OTE") Q drop is one single late Q drop or full withdrawal (dropping all classes) that you can past the mid-semester deadline but before dead days/final exams.  You have up to 6 total Q drops during your time at UT, but just one of those can be an OTE Q drop over your entire time at UT Austin.
  • If you are unsure if you have used your OTE yet or not, check in with your academic advisor.  See more details about the OTE on the CNS website.
  • An OTE still appears as a Q drop (or W for withdrawal) on transcript just like a normal drop or withdrawal would.
  • There is no OTE option for pass/fail.

OTE Procedure:

  • Email your request to: CNSinfo@austin.utexas.edu
  • Include your name, EID, course #, unique #, and that you want to use your OTE. 
  • Deadline: Monday, December 5th by 11:59pm (CST).

Provisions for all Drops

  • A student may not drop a class in which a final grade has been assigned. This will be verified by the student’s dean’s office.
  • A student may not drop a class if there are any pending investigations of scholastic dishonesty for the class in question. Any drop assigned will not be considered final until any investigations of scholastic dishonesty for the class in question are resolved.
  • Drops allowed under the provisions of the OTE will be considered academic drops and will count toward the six-drop limit. Students who have reached the six-drop limit are not eligible to use the OTE to drop a course.


Additional Considerations:

  • Health Professions Students:
    • The HPO website has information about Q dropping and pass/fail on this page
    • See the HPO drop-in hours on Wednesdays, and additional Q drop and pass/fail drop-ins closer to the deadline.  See details on this page.

  • Grade Requirements:
    • Major requirements (science, major classes) require C- or better.  (Note that for pre-health prequisites, a C- may not be acceptable to meet prereqs. Check with HPO for advice.)
    • Minor/certificate requirements also typically require C- or better, see program websites for details.
    • Core Curriculum courses require D- or better (if transferring core credit from another school, a C or better is required for transfer).
    • Flag courses require D- or better (however, if it's a flag course that is also counting for your major, this requires C- or better for the major requirement).
    • Pass/failed courses count as elective hours only, will not fulfill specific degree requirements or flags, and require a D- or better to receive credit ("CR") on transcript.  An F=F.  See pass/fail section above.

  •  Dropping to less than 12 hours: 
    • If you will be going from 12+ hours to below 12 hours for total hours, we recommend to confirm how this may or may not impact things like financial aid and scholarships.  The Texas One Stop office is the best place to check in with: by phone, email, or stop by their office in the Tower (first floor)!


CNS Non-Academic Counselor Appointments:

If you are experiencing non-academic difficulties that are affecting your classes and attendance and you feel you may need to drop a class(es), we encourage you to connect with one of our Non-Academic advisors in CNS to discuss options and receive some support. Your academic advisor can help you get connected, or you may directly schedule an appointment with Deanna Tilley or Lindsay Krog here:

Virtual drop-ins will be available on Monday, December 5th from 9am-5pm. Details have been shared via Secure Academic Note.

For any questions, please e-mail your advisor or CNSinfo@austin.utexas.edu


Over Max Hours Request Procedures (spring 2023):

  • To request to take more than 17 hrs in the spring 2023, fill out this request survey: https://utexas.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2mAEFdKkKjeUreC

  • To be approved, you must have a 2.5+ GPA and have completed a successful 14-15 hr semester previously.  Approval is also at the discretion of your academic advisor considering this criteria and overall course history.

  • Time frame for approval:
    • Requests are processed the business day before classes begin.  An exception is made for those graduating in May 2023.  See details below.
    • May 2023 graduates:
      • Your request will be processed before registration begins, or within 24 hrs if submitted during registration. If you submit your request during registration, please notify your advisor via email to alert them to your request.
    • For all others not graduating in May: 
      • Your request will be processed by 5:00pm on Friday, January 6th (school starts Mon 1/9).
    • For requests submitted after school starts: please allow up to 24 business hours for processing.  Email your academic advisor if it is urgent.  The last day to add a class on your own using the online registration system is the fourth day of school each semester (second day of school for summer sessions).


Time Conflict Override:

  • If you need to add a class that has a time conflict with another class on your schedule, this requires permission from both instructors of the conflicting classes.  You will need an email from both professors confirming that this is okay with them based on whatever plan you can work out.  Forward both of these emails to your academic advisor, include your EID, and list the course details of both the current class on your schedule and the class you are requesting to add (course # and unique #'s).   Do this during your open registration period.

All forms can be accessed through clicking the hyperlinks below. Please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor if you have any questions. 


Form Notes Deadline
Over Max Hours  Request to clear bar and take 18+hours Rolling
Letter Grade to Pass/Fail Change course grade to P/F


Pass/Fail to Letter Grade Change a Pass/Fail to letter grade 10/25/22
Time Conflict Override Request permission to take two courses with overlapping times During registration
Q-Drop Used to drop a course after add/drop period 10/25/22
One Time Exception Form Also known as an emergency Q-Drop. Used to drop a course after the regular Q-Drop deadline. May only be used ONCE during entire academic career at UT. IS counted towards the total 6 Q-Drops a student may use. 12/05/22