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Q-drop requests, Pass/Fail, and Withdrawal Requests:

Requests for all 3 can be made here: 


Please see additional information about each request below: 

Q-drop Requests:

If you have questions about your Q-drop please schedule a virtual appointment with your advisor.

Withdrawal requests

All students that withdraw must have a brief appointment with a non-academic counselor.  Brandon with the Center for First-Year Advising will contact you to schedule the virtual appointment.


Student must have completed 30 hours credit on record at time of request.

Student must agree to the following:

Student understands that changing to pass/fail only allows for elective credit.  If course is a degree requirement, it must be taken again for letter grade.

Student understands that a D- or above will earn credit, F = F.

Only 2 courses per semester may be changed to P/F.

If you are receiving Veteran’s Benefits, please let your advisor know so they can verify if this change will affect your benefits.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a non-academic counselor, e-mail Brandon Crabtree (brandon.crabtree@austin.utexas.edu) with several days/times you are available and include your UT EID.

For any questions, please e-mail your advisor or CNSinfo@austin.utexas.edu

All forms can be accessed through clicking the hyperlinks below. Please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor if you have any questions. 


Form Notes Deadline
Over Max Hours  Request to clear bar and take 18+hours Rolling
Letter Grade to Pass/Fail Change course grade to P/F


Pass/Fail to Letter Grade Change a Pass/Fail to letter grade 10/29/20
Time Conflict Override Request permission to take two courses with overlapping times During registration
Q-Drop Used to drop a course after add/drop period 10/29/20
One Time Exception Form Also known as an emergency Q-Drop. Used to drop a course after the regular Q-Drop deadline. May only be used ONCE during entire academic career at UT. IS counted towards the total 6 Q-Drops a student may use. Last meeting class day of each semester (12/07/20 for fall). Students cannot take the final exam for the course they intend to use the One Time Exception form.