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The HE academic advisors are happy to help you before and during registration, and it is important that you’ve also taken steps to plan and be ready for each registration period. 

See the Before/During/After Registration tabs below in preparation for your advising appointments & class registration each semester.

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Important BIOlogy Course Number Updates beginning Fall 2024

To better reflect the diversity of Biology coursework offered at UT Austin, most upper-division Biology courses will be listed under the fields of Integrative Biology (INB) or Molecular Biosciences (MBS) rather than Biology (BIO) beginning with the Fall 2024 course schedule.

An equivalency guide for all BIO courses can be found here.

  • The majority of lower-division BIO courses, BIO 325 (Genetics), and BCH 369 Biochemistry will not be affected by this change.
  • Here’s a highlight of the courses that you may be taking as a Public Health Major, BS Nutrition major, and/or as a student on a Pre-Health Track:
    BIO 326R→ MBS 326R (General Microbiology)

    BIO 326M→ MBS 326M (Medical Microbiology)

    BIO 226L→ MBS 226L (Microbiology Lab)

    BIO 365S→ INB 365S (Physiology)

    BIO 165U→ INB 165U (Physiology Lab)

    BIO 446L→ INB 446L (Anatomy)

Spring 2024 academic Timeline

The Academic Calendar is the official listing for all the important academic events/dates each semester. 

  • January 10th:
    • Registration is open again for all students. See add & drop deadlines below, and check your Registration Information Sheet for access times!

  • January 16th (Tuesday): First class day

  • January 19th, 5pm (Friday): Fourth class day
    • Deadline to add a class or waitlist by 5pm using the online registration system without departmental permission.
    • Waitlists become inactive and no longer relevant after today. 

  • January 22nd (Monday)Late add period starts
    • Starting today, adding a class at this point requires "late add" permission from the department offering the class and is NOT guaranteed.

  • January 31st, 5pm (Wednesday): Twelfth class day
    • Deadline to delete drop a class by 5pm using the online registration system. Drops after 5pm will be a "Q" drop remaining on transcript (does not affect GPA). See procedures here.
    • This is the date the official enrollment count is taken. Last day an undergraduate student may add a class except for rare and extenuating circumstances. 

  • March 4th and 5th: Summer & Fall 2024 course schedules posted and Registration Information Sheets (RIS) updated with your personal access times and holds.

  • March 11th - 16th: Spring Break 

  • March 26th by 11:59pm (CST): DEADLINE DAY (online request form)
    • Pass/Fail (becomes a general elective only and does not fulfill specific requirements)
    • Q Drop 
    • Withdrawal (dropping all classes)
    • Graduation Application due for May 2024 graduates.
    • Walk Application due for those who graduated in December 2023 or who will be graduating in a future semester but want to apply to participate in May 2024 ceremony (must have 15 or fewer hrs remaning after May). 

  • April 8th - 19th: Registration for Summer and Fall 2024

  • April 29th (Monday): Last class day and OTE Q Drop Deadline

  • May 2nd-4th, 6th: Final exams

You will receive a few Secure Academic Notes (SAN) via email this semester with important deadlines, policies, and procedures. These can also be checked on your SAN Inbox here.


Before/During/After Registration

Please also refer to the Departmental Information pages each semester before registration for specific updates about your major & SoHE classes (ex. prerequisite updates, class time changes, common registration issues, etc.)