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The HE advisors are happy to help you during registration, but it is important that you’ve taken steps to plan and be ready for each registration period. Please take a moment to review the steps to being prepared and look at the following registration information.

Fall 2018 Timeline

The Academic Calendar is the official listing for all the important academic events/dates each semester. 

  • August 24 Friday – Registration and add/drop for the fall semester for all students.
  • August 29 Wednesday – First class day.
  • September 4 Tuesday – Last day of the official add/drop period; after this date, changes in registration may require the approval of the department chair and usually the student's dean.
  • September 14 Friday - Twelfth class day; this is the date the official enrollment count is taken. Last day an undergraduate student may add a class except for rare and extenuating circumstances.
  • November 1 Thursday - Last day to Q-drop or pass/fail a class; last day to apply to graduate.
  • October 22 Monday Advising Worksheet Due for Spring Registration.
  • October 29 - November 9 Daily – Registration for spring.
  • December 10 Monday – Last class day.
  • December 13 - December 19 – Final exams

Please refer to the Departmental Information page for specific information regarding registration details and/or changes within your major