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Campus health and safety are our top priorities. Get the latest from UT on COVID-19.

Get help with Zoom and more.

For the latest information from UT on Covid-19 please visit https://coronavirus.utexas.edu/

The HE advisors are happy to help you before and during registration, but it is important that you’ve taken steps to plan and be ready for each registration period. Please take a moment to review the steps to being prepared and look at the following registration information.

While our physical office is currently closed, our advisors are still available for virtual advising appointments. Please email headvising@austin.utexas.edu for assistance with setting up an appointment. If you are located in another time zone and our normal operating hours (8:30am-noon CST and 1:00pm-4:30pm CST) do not work for you to schedule an appointment, please let us know and we will accomodate you and help get an alternate time set up. 

If you find that you have issues registering for a Summer or Fall 2021 course in a Human Ecology department as a result of using a COVID-19 pass/fail for a Fall 2020 course, please send us an email to headvising@austin.utexas.edu and we will create a pre-requisite waiver on your behalf. 

spring 2021 academic Timeline

The Academic Calendar is the official listing for all the important academic events/dates each semester. 

  • January 19th:  First class day.
  • January 22nd:  Fourth class day.
    • Last day to add a class online without departmental permission.
    • Waitlists become inactive and no longer relevant after today.
    • Starting Monday, Jan 25th: adding a class requires permission from the department offering the class and isn't gauranteed (contact that department's advising center directly for more guidance)
  • February 3rd by 5pm:  Twelfth class day. 
    • This is the date the official enrollment count is taken. Last day an undergraduate student may add a class except for rare and extenuating circumstances. 
    • Last day to delete drop a class by 5pm without it being a "Q" drop remaining on transcript.  Drops after today will be a Q drop. 
  • March 15th-19th: Spring Break
  • April 5th by 5pm*:
    • Standard Pass/Fail Deadline for spring 2021 classes (different eligiblity and policies than the available COVID-19 pass/fail exceptions for fall 2020 and spring 2021 which have a deadline of May 28th);
    • The Q Drop Deadline is extended to May 11th.
    • Last day to apply to graduate for May 2021 graduates; or last day to apply to walk/participate in May ceremony (and graduate in the summer)
  • Course Schedules: March 30th (Summer) & April 6th (Fall)
  • April 12th:  Advising Worksheet due for summer and fall 2021 to clear advising bar
  • April 19th-30th: Registration for Summer and Fall 2021
  • May 7th:  Last class day. 
  • May 11th*: Q Drop Deadline (the one-time exception "OTE" late Q drop does not apply as the normal Q drop deadline is extended to May 11th)
  • May 12-15th, 17-18th: Final exams
  • May 28th*: COVID-19 Pass/Fail Request Deadline for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 (refer to any emails from University and advisor)


*Pass/fail options, Q drop, and withdrawal deadlines: details and request links were sent via email in March and can also be viewed in your Secure Academic Note inbox and on the CNS Student Services website.

Before/During/After Registration

Please refer to the Departmental Information page each semester for specific information regarding registration details and/or changes within your major (ex. prerequisite updates, common registration issues, etc.)