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The Business Services Team of the School of Human Ecology (SoHE Business Services) performs a wide variety of administrative functions. If you have any questions regarding any of the policies or procedures mentioned on this page, please send an email to he-business_services@utlists.utexas.edu.


The School of Human Ecology
Gearing Hall, Rm 101
The University of Texas at Austin
200 West 24th Street, A2700
Austin, Texas 78712



 Maria Acosta
 Senior Financial Analyst

 (512) 232-6552
Account creation, maintenance and reconciliation; VT6s and transfers; deposits, cash advance requests and reconciliation; review/approve scholarship & TRB documents; study abroad/special program reconciliation; CBC spreadsheets and BUDs; contract routing  
 Brandi Bankhead
 Accountant II

 (512) 471-1019
School purchasing officer (UT Market, Point Plus, etc.); OOEF requests; ProCard reconciliation; deliveries & receipts; creates/updates accounting training materials  
 Michelle Belisle
 Accountant I

 (512) 471-4855
Processes all reimbursement vouchers; Travel requests and reimbursements; records retention  


Department/PROGRAM Contacts

 Jenna Livingston
 Department Manager
 SEA 1.432a
 (512) 475-7504

 Human Development and Family Sciences  
 Stephanie Huntzis
 Department Manager

 GEA  313a
 (512) 471-0337

 Nutritional Sciences  
 Shawna Al-Mashouq
 Senior Program Coordinator

 GEA 129
 (512) 471-3375

 Public Health  
 Laura Ortiz-Malave
 Administrative Associate

 GEA 129
 (512) 471-5097

 Textiles and Apparel