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Careers in Nutrition - Graduates of our program work in the nutrition field in academia, industry, non-profit and governmental agencies.  They work in positions such as:
 Postdoctoral Fellow  Research Fellow  Assistant Professor
 Research Scientist  Nutritional Consultant  Nutrition Education Specialist
Research Analyst Project Manager Data Collection Coordinator
Epidemiologist Drug Discovery Scientist Program Director 
 Senior Scientist Oncology Dietitian Clinical Project Manager

MSNS Online Program Alumni Updates

Where are our graduates now, and what are they up to? Hear what some of our graduates have to say about their experience with the program. 

Elizabeth Del RIo 

"Graduating from an esteemed university and online MSNS program made me a more competitive applicant for dietetic internships and career opportunities. Today, I work as a leading clinical dietitian at iHealth thanks to the skills and knowledge I gained as a student. Looking back, I really appreciate the curriculum, the faculty, and the flexibility of the program. My favorite classes were Experimental Design & Statistics and Theories of Behavior Change, because they really prepared me to be a well-rounded dietitian and leader. I utilize what I learned from these classes on a daily basis to analyze patients' clinical outcomes and design program-initiatives grounded in theory. Overall, I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to invest in their professional advancement for more opportunities in the field of nutrition and dietetics."

Stephanie Chavez 

There is so much I can say about the UT online MSNS program and how much I benefit since graduating from the program. Personally, I have a strong passion for nutrition support and so the emphasis of the program on functional nutrition and cancer provided me with a deeper exploration and understanding of how nutrition truly works as medicine. Furthermore, having earned an MS degree at the highly reputable University of Texas afforded me a career opportunity as a clinical nutrition manager with Sodexo at a hospital in Kansas. The online MSNS program at UT reinforced the importance of literature reviews to implement evidenced-based approaches in nutrition therapy.  This  prompted me, as clinical nutrition manager, to encourage my staff of dietitians to employ best-practice and evidence-based nutrition guidelines in their daily work.    


Kendall Knaus 
The University of Texas at Austin MSNS curriculum taught me the evidence-based science promoting the integration between nutrition and health. My favorite program aspect was the interaction and availability of the renowned teaching faculty. I made the most of this exceptional academic opportunity and learned tremendous firsthand knowledge from the professors’ respective research concentrations and experiences. I chose the Biochemical and Functional Nutrition track and am well-prepared to pursue doctoral epidemiology studies. I aspire to make a positive impact on maternal/ child public health and mitigate nutritional-related chronic disease. Many thanks to the outstanding professors for their time and talents. Hook ‘em!

Our graduates are hired by a range of employers, such as