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The online MSNS program is a 30 credit hour program consisting of 10 total courses. Of those 10 courses, 5 are core courses that all students in the program will take. The other 5 courses are concentration courses that allow students to focus on certain areas of nutritional sciences depending on their professional and academic interests. The two concentrations are:

  • Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
  • Biochemical & Functional Nutrition

All students will complete five core nutrition classes and five courses in the concentration of their choice. This program will provide a unique opportunity for students to choose the concentration best suited for their needs.

Core  Courses 
1. Advances in Nutritional Sciences I - Macronutrient Metabolism
2. Advances in Nutritional Sciences II - Micronutrient Metabolism
3. Molecular Nutritional Sciences
4. Experimental Design and Statistics
5. Advanced Experimental Design and Statistics

Concentration:  Health Promotion & Disease Prevention  

Concentration:  Biochemical & Functional Nutrition

6. Theories of Nutrition Behavior 6. Biochemical Nutrition: Nutrition as Medicine
7. Energy Balance and Obesity 7. Nutrition and Cancer
8. Nutrition Through the Lifecycle 8. Nutrition and Immunology
9. Nutrition and Disease Prevention 9. Nutrigenomics
10. Current Issues in Nutritional Sciences 10. Current Issues in Nutritional Sciences


Students who chose to compete both coursework and a thesis will complete the same five core nutrition courses, along with three courses in their chosen concentration and two thesis coursework classes for a total of 30 credit hours.



Students will choose to complete either a one year or two year track. 

1-Year Track

2-Year Track