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Charlotte Herzele

Assistant Professor of Instruction
Department of Nutritional Sciences


Phone: 512-471-5992

Office Location

Postal Address
200 W 24TH ST
AUSTIN, TX 78712

Born in San Francisco, CA (1947) and lived in Taft, CA

Lived in Lexington, MA (1956-58)

Graduated from Memorial High School (1965)

Three daughters, three sons-in-law, 2 grandchildren


BA English UT-Austin Jan, 1970

MEd Kinesiology & Exercise Science UT-Austin May, 1990

PhD Nutritional Sciences UT-Austin May, 1997 (The Individual & Combined Effects of Ethanol and Lovastatin on Rat Heart Antioxidant Status with an eye toward Co-enzyme Q10)

MPH Medical College of Wisconsin - May 2016

Committees:  Undergraduate Curriculum, Study Abroad, Outreach (Explore UT)


Tennis - President of the Capitol Area Tennis Association Board, captain several USTA teams

Sustainable agriculture, locally grown foods, farmers' markets - member Capital Campaign Steering Committee for Sustainable Food Center, member Capital Campaign Steering Committee for Urban Roots ATX

Study Abroad - initiated the Charlotte Herzele Excellence Fund for Nutrition Study Abroad (2014)

Teaching is my passion.

NTR 338 W Issues in Nutrition & Health (Scientific Writing for Nutrition Majors) - Students write a review of recent literature on a nutrition-related topic of their choice. They present a paper and their review, using Power Point, and learn to give constructive criticism.

NTR 338H Issues in Nutrition & Health (Scientific Writing for Nutrition Majors) Honors - Students are usually working with a faculty member and write a review of recent literature, like the 338W students; however, they present 3 papers and their reviews.

NTR 331 International Nutrition: Social & Environmental Policies (currently offered only in the Spring) This course explores everything from privatization of water, preserving the Amazon Rainforest, the radioactive waste dump in W. Texas, educating young women in Pakistan, immigration, building families from AIDS orphans and widows in Ethiopia, to sustainable agriculture here and abroad, and free trade agreements. The class is interactive, to a great extent, and culminates in a mock debate over issues covered in the class.

NTR 352 Field Experience in Nutrition: students volunteer at a food related organization and write a commentary on some aspect of their experience.

Field Experience in Nutrition NTR 352 or 152

I do not have a lab, per se, but offer this course as an opportunity to explore the application of nutrition knowledge and practice in the community.