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Applications are now CLOSED

Thank you to all our applicants for the Fall 2024 start date!


Applicants can expect a follow-up with our final decisions by Friday, October 27, 2023 at 11:59pm CST



Welcome, Prospective Students,

As you begin the application process for the Integrated Coordinated Program in Dietetics, you might find that you have questions. Should you not find the answers here, please contact Monica Milonovich, Director of the Integrated Coordinated Program in Dietetics.

ICPD Application

Applications to the Integrated Coordinated Program in Dietetics are accepted during the fall semester of your junior year. Admitted students will begin taking ICPD classes the following Fall of 2024 and will complete the program in Spring of 2026. 

ICPD Application Directions

The ICPD application process consists of two rounds. You will not need to complete Round 2 until invited to do so.

Round 1--Application

Step 1: 

Please note before you start the application:

  • If you are inactive in the application for greater than one month, the application information will clear out and you will be required to start over.

  • Once you submit a file while in the application, you cannot change the file or submit another file.

Step 2: 

Materials you will need for your application:

  • Resume
  • Personal Statement
    • Communicate your understanding of the field of dietetics, the role of a registered dietitian, and how you are prepared.
    • Articulate your critical thinking skills and ability to ask good scientifc/research questions.
    • Address how nutrition research can impact our field and your future practice as a registered dietitian.
  • Download the following files
  • Official transcript(s)

Step 3:  

Submit your official transcripts to Monica Milonovich, ICPD Program Director.

Round 2--You will receive further details when invited to proceed in the process

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • INterview Video


Students who are not currently enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin must apply for Spring admission to the University. Applicants who have not applied for UT admission cannot be considered for appointment. The Fall admission deadline for transfer students is March 1; for former students July 1. Final admission to the Integrated Coordinated Program is contingent on being admitted to the University. 


ICPD Prerequisites

Students who apply to the Integrated Coordinated Program in Dietetics must be able to have completed the following courses by the end of the spring semester before they would start ICPD Supervised Practice/Graduate Courses.

  • CH 301, 302, 204, 320M and BCH 369
  • BIO 311C, 325 (or 365R or 416K) and 365S (or 416L)
  • NTR 307/107L Introductory Food Science / Laboratory
  • NTR 312/112L Introduction to Nutritional Sciences / Laboratory
  • NTR 315 Nutrition through the Life Cycle
  • NTR 218/118L Assessment of Nutritional Status / Laboratory
  • NTR 326 Cellular and Molecular Nutrition
  • NTR 126L Nutritional Sciences Laboratory
  • NTR 334 Foodservice Systems ManagementNTR 234L Foodservice Management Laboratory
  • NTR 330 Nutrition Education and Counseling
  • NTR 332 Community Nutrition 
  • NTR 338W Issues in Nutrition and Health
  • NTR 355M Advanced Food Systems Management
  • NTR 370 Medical Nutrition Therapy I
  • NTR 371 Medical Nutrition Therapy II

All non-ICPD coursework must be completed before the start of the ICPD program. 

ICPD Courses

Fall Semester

NTR 245C Clinical Practice in Medical Nutrition Therapy I 

Orientation to dietetic practice; techniques of communication, data collection and evaluation. Nine hours of supervised practice per week. Each week students will be assigned to assess, plan and provide care for hospital patients with a variety of different nutritional problems. Students will gain experience with patient interaction and advanced assessment such as enteral or parenteral nutrition.

NTR 390.1 Advances in Nutrition Science* 

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins: functions, sources, and metabolism graduate level course.

NTR 380K.1 Experimental Design and Statistics*

Graduate course explores applications of statistical analysis methods for nutrition-based data and analysis of data sets and interpretation of results.

*Students must achieve a B or better in the graduate courses to continue to supervised practice.  If student does not achieve a B or better in both courses, they will become DPD students.

Spring Semester-Supervised Practice

NTR 345M Clinical Practice in Medical Nutrition Therapy II 

Application of principles of medical nutrition therapy to the care of patients in health care facilities. Forty hours of supervised practice a week for 4 weeks.

NTR 372C Practicum in Clinical Dietetics 

Supervised practice in health care facilities. Forty hours of supervised practice per week for 4 weeks. During these eight weeks students will work under the direct supervision of clinical dietitians in area hospitals. The experience will culminate with students assuming responsibility for all nutrition care for the patients on an assigned hospital unit.

NTR 372F Practicum in Foodservice Systems Management 

NTR 372F Practicum in Foodservice Systems Management Supervised practice in food service facilities. Forty hours of supervised practice per week for 4 weeks. Students will learn all aspects of managing a foodservice operation. By the end of the rotation, students will assume the manager’s role in the operation.

NTR 373S Practicum in Dietetic Administration

NTR 373S Practicum in Dietetic Administration Supervised practice in administration of food and nutrition programs. Forty hours of supervised practice per week for 4 weeks. Students will be assigned to work on a project under the supervision of an administrative dietitian.

Summer Semester-Supervised Practice

NTR 374C Practicum in Community Dietetics 

Supervised practice in community based nutrition programs. Forty hours of supervised practice per week for 5 weeks. Students will practice in a variety of public health and community nutrition settings.

NTR 374P Advanced Practicum in Dietetics

Culminating experience in the practice of administrative, clinical or community dietetics. Forty hours of supervised practice a week for 5 weeks. Students will gain additional experience in a variety of nutrition related rotations.

Graduate Courses

Example plan of graduate courses.  Students have the option of taking 6 credit hours outside of Department of Nutritional Sciences to satisfy graduate degree requirement.

 Fall Semester  Spring Semester
  • NTR 392 13 Nutrtion and Disease Prevention

  • NTR 394 Current Issues in Nutrition

  • NTR 392 Evidence Synthesis and Communication

  • Elective

  • NTR 390.6 Molecular Nutritional Sciences

  • NTR 392.4  Immunology

  • NTR 390.7 Advances in Nutrition Sciences II

  • elective



Informational Materials:

Evaluation of Foreign Transcript

Students who hold a degree from universities outside the United States and want to complete requirements to earn a verification statement from The University of Texas at Austin must have their transcript evaluated by an approved foreign degree evaluation agency.  A detailed course-by-course evaluation along with a statement of how the degree compares to university degrees in the United States is required.  For more information including a listing of the degree evaluation companies approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, click here



Interested in becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist?

If you are unsure about the requirements and process to become a registered dietitian nutritionist, click here to find out more information.