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This is a self-paced CEU opportunity consisting of 3 short video modules and 1 accompanying activity form to be completed as you watch the videos.

This CEU will train you on recognizing biases in self and others, and reducing instances of intentional and unintentional microaggressions, oppression, and discrimination.

Module 1: Background (11:22 minutes)

  • Definitions of microaggressions, oppression, and discrimination.
  • Weight bias, discrimination, and microaggressions
  • Racial/ethnic bias, discrimination, and microaggressions
  • Socioeconomic bias, discrimination, and microaggressions.


Module 2: Areas of Bias (10:36 minutes)

  • We examine three case studies that deal with weight discrimination, socioeconomic discrimination, and race/ethnicity discrimination



Module 3: Anti-Bias Strategies (4:04 minutes)

  • Here we cover strategies for reducing biases. This is the final video of our 3-part CEU, Reducing Biases in Dietetics.