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170g Heavy Whipping Cream 120g Half-and-Half
85g White Sugar
4 egg yolks

165 g Protein Milk 15g Vanilla Extract


  1. 1  Weigh out each ingredient in a separate bowl

  2. 2  Mix together egg yolks and sugar until combined

  3. 3  Combine heavy cream, half and half, and protein milk in a medium metal pot and set on

    medium heat to scald. Mix pretty consistently until the mixture reaches 120 degrees


  4. 4  Once the dairy mixture has scalded, use a big spoon to add spoonfuls of the heated

    mixture to the egg and sugar mixture. Stir continuously until all of the mixture has been


  5. 5  Place combined mixture back in the metal pot and heat mixture while stirring to 165

    degrees Fahrenheit. Then add the vanilla extract.

  6. 6  Transfer mixture to a metal bowl and place over ice bath. Cool while stirring the mixture

    until it is 35 degrees Fahrenheit

  7. 7  Once the mixture has reached 35 degrees Fahrenheit transfer the mixture into the ice

    cream machine and churn for about 16 minutes

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