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Nutritional Sciences News & Highlights


It's National Nutrition Month!

It's National Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition Month! There are a few fun events being held at or around UT in order to promote health and nutrition.

We kicked off the month at Explore UT with both Texas Nutrition and Coordinated Program in Dietetics presentations. Explore UT an annual event focused on bring science, exploration, and discovery to the larger community. Texas Nutrition students created a Nutrition Trivia game to test your nutrition knowledge, while Coordinated Program in Dietetics students talked about the nutritional benefits of eating bugs! It was a great event and we hope to see you there next year. Keep an eye on the Explore UT website for details for next year!

On Monday, nutrition students and faculty headed down the street to the Capitol Building for Nutrition Day at the Capitol. They visited and talked to legislators and public officials about what an RD is, what their expertise is, and advocated for nutrition related legislation.

SoHE week from the School of Human Ecology Ambassadors is underway to celebrate the School of Human Ecology! Some of the SoHe week events include resume reviews and career planning as well as gut microbiome health and how to make your own sauerkraut with Dr. Alejandra DeAngulo of UT Nutrition! Check the SoHe website for a full list of events during the week of March 4th.

Another way to celebrate National Nutrition Month is by purchasing some fresh fruits and vegetables from the UT Farm Stand or your local farmers market. The UT Farm Stand will be set up outside of Jester from 11am-4pm on March 13th and 27th. In the past, they have also sold fresh honey and tea! The UT Farm Stand also has three ways to get involved in the community by volunteering with their gardens, the market, or assisting with Plant Waste Studies. Visit their website or Instagram account (@UTfarmstand) for more information!

Faculty members Dr. Sara Sweitzer and Dr. Charlotte will also be representing UT Nutrition during National Nutrition Month for two different events. Dr. Sara Sweitzer will represent the Nutrition Department on March 13th at the Clifton Career Development School to highlight and introduction the careers in nutrition and dietetics to middle school students at a Health Care Career Fair. Dr. Charlotte Herzele will be representing UT Nutrition as a panelist discussing color and nutrition as the Visual Art Center for the Wednesday evening color salons in VAC, Auditorium 1.102 on March 27th. The talk is titled: Living in Color: Pigments and Chemistry in Everyday Life. It is sure to be a colorful discussion.

Public Talk: "Why is it so difficult to lose weight and keep it off?"
March 28, 2019 6-7:30pm
Hogg Memorial Auditorium

Science Talk: "Calories, Carbs, or Quality? What matters most for weight control"
March 29, 2019 2-3:15pm
Avaya Auditorium - POB 2.302

Jean Andrews Lectureship hosts Dr. Kevin Hall

The Nutrition department will to close out National Nutrition Month with our Jean Andrews Lectureship. This year, we are thrilled announce that Dr. Kevin Hall, from the National Institutes of Health and National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, will be giving two lectures on his highly awarded research in weight control at the end of the month. Dr. Hall created an award-winning body weight planner and is the recipient of the NIH Director's Award, the NIDDK Director's Award, the Lilly Scientific Achievement Award from The Obesity Society, and the Guyton Award for Excellence in Integrative Physiology from the American Society of Physiology. The first lecture is aimed at the general public and would be great for anyone interested in learning why it is so difficult to lose weight and keep it off. This lecture will be held in Hogg Auditorium on March 28th from 6-7:30pm. The second science talk will be about how calories, carbs, and quality contribute to weight control, and it will be held in Avaya Auditorium on March 29th from 2-3:15pm. Find more information on our website: Jean Andrews Lectureship featuring Dr. Kevin Hall.

UT Nutrition hopes you will join us in celebrating National Nutrition Month by attending any of these events! Our goal is to promote good nutrition and educate people on how to make healthier food choices. If these events sound so interesting that you want to explore educational opportunities, we have that for you also! The UT Nutrition Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, Masters of Science in Nutritional Sciences degrees (in-residence and online), and Doctoral degrees in Nutritional Sciences.

Finally, we also have an ongoing campaign to share work from our nutrition students, faculty, staff, and other UT partners that highlight the importance, diversity, and deliciousness of nutrition and food. We will be sharing at least one post a day on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for everyone to follow along and celebrate nutrition. Follow us @UTexasNutrition to keep up on the last shares.  See the post below from Dr. Alejandra DeAngulo!