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Clothing Speaks Volumes: Faculty Opinion

We all know that the clothes we wear speak to everyone around us. Jessica Ciarla, faculty member in the Division of Textiles and Apparel, tackles the concept of fashion and functionality in a piece in the Dallas Morning News.

Five UT Students Win YMA Fashion Scholarships

Five UT students win YMA scholarships

YMA fashion scholarship awards—which have been bestowed on the brightest new talent in the fashion industry for the last 80 years—were given to five textiles and apparel undergraduates at a gala in New York City earlier this month.

Students Draw from Airplanes to Crinoles to Create Fashion

Senior design student Elexis Spencer presents her white bridal pant look inspired by the hip hop culture

Ameila Earhart's plane, Korean bridal-wear, vintage undergarments, hop hop trends: undergraduate fashion and design students found inspiration for their signature evening gowns from many sources.

Comparing Notes While at UT in NYC

UT in NYC 2016 hits the red carpet with Iris Apfel at the 38th American Image Awards

Since UT in NYC 2017 is just around the corner, let's teleport back to a conversation between seniors Lindsay Smith and Annabelle Line that took place last Spring in New York City. Lindsay and Annabelle spent days crisscrossing Manhattan for the ultimate class on the fashion industry.

Guided by Iris Apfel, they entered the boardrooms, workrooms, showrooms and curatorial spaces to learn from fashion icons and, ultimately, discover their potential.

Opening Windows on the Drag

Undergraduates adding detail to the University Co-op window displays on Guadalupe Street

Pedestrians sauntering down the Drag now have an inviting peek into the University Co-op thanks to the work of retail merchandising undergraduates from the Division of Textiles and Apparel. Previously shuttered, the store windows now open onto Guadalupe Street, framing a display that includes photos of Austin's campus culture.