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TXA 341E Accessory Design, Development and Merchandising

This course runs during the fall semester on Wednesdays from 3-6pm / Independent Inquiry Flag
Course Spearheaded by Associate Professor of Instruction Jessica Ciarla

From beyond the walls of the classroom and into a real-life creative studio, this hands-on experiential course will walk students through the steps of designing a jewelry collection through the Kendra Scott lens. The project-based course will encourage collaboration by building team-centered student groups from various disciplines. Students will gain experience by working directly with faculty from the Textiles and Apparel Program and leaders from the Kendra Scott team. A series of student projects will focus on research, design, product development and merchandising for a jewelry collection suitable for the Kendra Scott target market.

The semester-long course will provide insight to designing a jewelry collection while working with development and merchandising to create a line plan. The class will end with a virtual exhibition of student work where the public will vote on which piece gets made by Kendra Scott. Courses will take place at both the UT campus and Kendra Scott design studio as students work through the various stages of design to 3D prototype development. This experiential course is open to all majors at the junior and senior level and will meet once a week for three hours.

Proceeds from the selected product are donated back into The Kendra Scott Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute to strengthen the next generation of courageous, creative female leaders who will change the world. The intent of featuring student designs is solely for the purpose of showcasing student work and celebrating the partnership with UT. Kendra Scott does not make a profit off of the selected piece.


“The partnership with Kendra Scott really enhanced the learning in this class by having real mentors to learn from and get advice from while having a tangible goal to work towards. The team at Kendra Scott really let us see behind the curtain and step into their space, see their process, and learn from their expertise.”

Lindsey Ehlers, McCombs

“This is hands down one of the best learning experiences I have gotten at UT. With a major that is not correlated with TXA at all, I reaped the benefits of getting the opportunity to experiment and absorb the knowledge that this class offers. I learned how to work in a realistic environment with a team and a growing company. I realized how much input and effort matters in a group setting along with the presentation skills needed for a large group. Moreover, I learned while facilitating that it is crucial to listen and digest everyone’s input. Group work depends on that. Responsibility also comes at hand when leading a project. I learned that time management and preparation comes with being a leader.”

Brigthon Chen, International Relations and Global Studies

UT Ciarla Cuff Designers