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Fashion Institute 2016
Students from UT Fashion Institute 2016 with faculty member Jessica Ciarla.


"I always knew I had an interest in fashion, but it really wasn't until I took this class that I realized
my true love for fashion and design. After I took this class, I knew that I was going to have a
fashion-related major in college and hopefully will work in the industry some day."

                                                             Emily, former UT Summer Fashion Institute student


University of Texas Summer Discovery


Course Time:
3 Weeks: Jun 28-Jul 15
3:00-5:00PM EST (2:00-4:00PM CST)


Note: Tuesday and Wednesday are asynchronous, and students work on their own schedule. Mondays & Thursdays are 3:00-5:00 EST (2:00-4:00PM CST).

Open to students ages 14-18

In this course, assignments focus on establishing fashion design principles through digital line design development techniques. Students develop introductory skills using Adobe Illustrator to produce coordinated fashion design presentations, flat sketches, mood boards, fashion editorial trend boards, marketing materials and portfolio layout techniques. Course assignments focus on establishing industry techniques and developing proficiency in creating fashion designs using Adobe Illustrator.

WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE? Students interested in the intersection of fashion and technology.


Jessica Ciarla is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Textiles and Apparel at The University of Texas at Austin and a fashion designer and consultant with over fourteen years of experience in the fashion industry. Jessica worked in New York City for eight years as both a fashion designer and fashion publicist where she placed editorial coverage and backstage press for prominent fashion houses. In 2009, Jessica moved to Austin and launched her collection CIARLA bride, after receiving her Masters in Fashion Design Advanced at Italy’s Polimoda International Institute of Design and Marketing under the mentorship of the iconic Linda Loppa.

In 2015, Jessica received her second masters in Mass Communications and Journalism with a Concentration in Public Relations. She is the Founder and Social Media Director of TXA (@UTAustinFashion) where she creates and manages content across multiple communication platforms. Jessica is the Chair of the External Communications Committee and spearheads the solidification of editorial placement for the yearly TXA Fashion Show.