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Clothing Speaks Volumes: Faculty Opinion

We all know that the clothes we wear speak to everyone around us. Jessica Ciarla, faculty member in the Division of Textiles and Apparel, tackles the concept of fashion and functionality in a piece in the Dallas Morning News.

Throughout history, clothing has conveyed social status through both quality of materials and the restrictive nature of design.Think of the high heel or the corset: aesthetics in different time periods have hampered women with impractical expectations that are also expensive to maintain.

In her piece, Ciarla writes:

Yet still, the majority of fashion designers contribute to the oppression of women when they design clothing that forces customers to choose between garments that are aesthetically pleasing and physically restrictive, or functional and plain. Why can't women have beautiful, functional clothes?

It's time for designers to take note of the modern woman and how we define beauty as a society. That doesn't mean women must dress like a men. But designers should redefine the functionality of garments that are designed for women who have goals and ambitions and lead modern lives. Beauty may come at a price, but it should be restricted to one's wallet.

Read the full piece:

Why Must Women Still Choose Between Beauty and Function in Clothing?