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Faculty Spotlight & Video: Eve Nicols

Guest blog post by TXA student, Kubo (Ethan Ramos)When a UT student at a party asks "What's your major?" and another student responds with "TXA" this is how it usually goes:*Loud music playing"So what's your major?"           "TXA""What's that?"    "Textiles & Apparel.""Huh" ...

UT in NYC and IRIS The Coloring Book Featured

​ABC affiliate WFAA Channel 8 News in Dallas recently featured the UT in NYC program and highlighted the IRIS The Coloring Book student scholarship fundraiser. TXA Program Director, Sara Stewart Stevens, and UT in NYC participant, Taylor Stiff, share more details of the UT in NYC Program, tidbits on Iris Apfel, an...
Textiles and Apparel Partners with Kendra Scott for Groundbreaking Jewelry Course

Textiles and Apparel Partners with Kendra Scott for Groundbreaking Jewelry Course

Kendra Scott and The University of Texas at Austin have established a new female leadership program at the university, which will open to all students in Spring 2020.

Alumni Interview: Brandi Russell

Brandi Russell is a TXA alum now working at Citizens of Humanity in New York City. What opportunities lead you to your current job at Citizens of Humanity? I first started at Citizens of Humanity as a general showroom intern the summer before my senior year! I was determined to intern somewhere in the city that summer and I applied to over 40 ...
Upcoming Events With Dr. Chen

Upcoming Events With Dr. Chen

Dr. Chen has been working in the areas of engineering and textile science for over 30 years. He has extensive experience in the production and structure of renewable and polymeric fibers.He will be giving two upcoming speeches on his work and research in fibers and new technologies: 1. Lecture, "Green Fibers for Sustainable and Functional Material ...