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TXA Alumni Spotlight: Maddy Ailes

TXA Alumni Spotlight: Maddy Ailes

Class of 2022
Product Development Specialist Maddy Ailes at Kendra Scott

Can you discuss your experience within the TXA program and what resources you utilized?

I came into the Textiles and Apparel program as a transfer from Biology after freshman year. I majored in design, however, I came in knowing nothing, other than that I loved clothes and wanted to become involved in the fashion industry. I had no experience with any fashion technology tools and or sewing but quickly learned. I would say that the biggest assets I utilized were Professor Ciarla's first computer-aided design class which helped me to begin creating my portfolio.

How did you get involved with Kendra Scott and how did your TXA background help you succeed?

I took the Kendra Scott jewelry design class and was also a teaching assistant for the class. This is when I discovered that my true passion was jewelry design rather than apparel. This class is team-based which really helped me to succeed now being at Kendra Scott as it is very team-oriented.
Can you explain what a day in your life at Kendra Scott looks like?
I work on the product development team as a product development specialist, which is a cross-functional team within the company. We work closely with the merchandising and design teams throughout the day to develop and create new products. I communicate daily with the factories abroad to delegate the production process of the style or SKU. We directly coordinate with factory workers on sending them designs, receiving samples, and making changes to the samples so that the final product is executed flawlessly.

What resources would you encourage current and prospective TXA students to utilize?

The best advice I would give is to take initiative with your own learning and do not be intimidated by things you are not already knowledgeable in. For example, if a student is interested in learning computer-aided design, they should invest time of their own to learning and working hard to master it. I also think taking advantage of classes that are structured around teamwork is very beneficial as it directly correlates to how companies work in a post-graduate setting. Also, joining clubs and making connections with students who have similar interests to you is a great way to learn more and become involved.

By Sloane Davis