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Students Draw from Airplanes to Crinoles to Create Fashion

Senior design student Elexis Spencer presents her white bridal pant look inspired by the hip hop culture

Ameila Earhart's plane, Korean bridal-wear, vintage undergarments, hop hop trends: undergraduate fashion and design students found inspiration for their signature evening gowns from many sources.

The new designs were presented to faculty and the public at a recent open house in Gearing Hall.The evening wear—silk, taffeta, and lace—will be part of the 2017 UT fashion show, Synthesis.

"This year, we saw inspiration drawn from an array of genres that expressed the individuality and creativity of our senior students," says Jessica Ciarla, textiles and apparel faculty member and mentor to the 24 design students. "The variety of designs and construction techniques show the versatility and talent in the program. I'm really looking forward to working with the students on their collection this spring and helping them prepare for their first fashion show. "

Each spring, the fashion show put on by the University Fashion Group is seen by a crowd of 5,000 at the Frank Erwin Center and is filmed by the Longhorn Network.This year's fashion show will take place on April 19th.