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Meet the Students Headed to Iris Apfel's New York City

This is the seventh summer for UT in NYC, a highly successful and innovative class for upper-division Textiles and Apparel students. UT in NYC is the ultimate entree into the fashion world: crisscrossing Manhattan and guided by the iconic Iris Apfel, students learn from the fashion leaders as they visit their boardrooms, workrooms, showrooms and curatorial spaces.

Comparing Notes While at UT in NYC

UT in NYC 2016 hits the red carpet with Iris Apfel at the 38th American Image Awards

Since UT in NYC 2017 is just around the corner, let's teleport back to a conversation between seniors Lindsay Smith and Annabelle Line that took place last Spring in New York City. Lindsay and Annabelle spent days crisscrossing Manhattan for the ultimate class on the fashion industry.

Guided by Iris Apfel, they entered the boardrooms, workrooms, showrooms and curatorial spaces to learn from fashion icons and, ultimately, discover their potential.

Honoring Visiting Professor Iris Apfel

This year, the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) honored Iris Apfel with the Distinguished Service Award for her mentoring and teaching School of Human Ecology undergraduates. 

Rare Bird of Fashion—and Academia

At age 90, New York style icon Iris Apfel is perhaps the college's most unusual professor.