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Meet the Students Headed to Iris Apfel's New York City

This is the seventh summer for UT in NYC, a highly successful and innovative class for upper-division Textiles and Apparel students. UT in NYC is the ultimate entree into the fashion world: crisscrossing Manhattan and guided by the iconic Iris Apfel, students learn from the fashion leaders as they visit their boardrooms, workrooms, showrooms and curatorial spaces.

Now that the 2017 class has been chosen, let's hear from some of the students who will head to New York this August. Why are they going?

Natalie Arriaga
I applied to UT in NYC because it gives me the chance to meet professionals in the industry I wouldn't get to meet otherwise. I'm excited to meet someone that will inspire me.

Victoria Bass
I am absolutely in love with New York and the concept of spending time there while learning from industry professionals sounded incredible. It sounded like a once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn't miss!

Lindsey Butler
I am mostly excited to meet so many brilliant and experienced fashion professionals. I can't wait to have one-on-one time with them and be able to talk about their life and career experiences, sources of inspiration and biggest motivators. I also hope to learn more about myself as a fashion merchandiser and designer.

Claire Chlebowski
I applied to UT in NYC because I wanted to be inspired and motivated by individuals we meet by hearing their backgrounds and the steps they took leading towards their great successes. These meetings with prestigious designers, stylists, fashion forecasters, jewelry designers, and more will help solidify that this is my passion and remind me that this is want I want to do for the rest of my life. Lastly, I applied to UT in NYC because I wanted to make more connections within the fashion industry, which will hopefully help me find jobs in the future.

Antonea Eason
I want to gain a better understanding of the fashion industry as a whole. I applied because I heard about the great opportunities and experiences the UT in NYC program offers students and am really excited to take the trip!

Maiya Evans
One of the main reasons that I wanted to participate in UT in NYC is because I love the idea of running from meeting to meeting, not fully knowing just what you will discover that day, and being able to bounce ideas & excitement off my peers. In UT in NYC I want to uncover each and every avenue and opportunity that is available to me in the Fashion Industry. While I do ultimately hope to one day head up my own Corporation; something similar to Urban Inc., my ultimate goal in life is to just be creative and to give something to this world and the people that have given so much to me.

Phoebe Hambright
No other school in the country gets this opportunity, and friends who went the past couple years told me I absolutely must go! Since we have such a diverse agenda for places and people, I'm wanting to learn not only the stories and lessons from designers, but also make exciting discoveries in other areas of the industry not design-major specific.

Clarissa Garcia
I applied to UT in NYC to gain insight into the people behind the industry. I know I'm going to love every moment of it! After UT in NYC, I hope to actively apply each new experience towards my goal of collaboratively designing with a human-conscious brand.

Katherine Kykta
I applied to UT in NYC because I saw great value in being able travel around New York fashion firms with Iris Apfel. I am hoping to learn more about the "real world" of my industry while traveling around the city.

Taylor Ohlenburger
I am a third year Merchandising and Consumer Sciences major. I hope that the UT in NYC program makes me more aware of unique jobs and companies in the industry. I am excited to listen to and interact with industry leaders.

Emma Raney
I hope to learn what the industry is really like. I feel like we often get a sugar coated version of this glamorous industry from movies and magazines. I'm excited to learn the ins and outs of the fashion industry and take away different perspectives. I also want to know the different career paths of the industry leaders because they are often not what we would think.

Cristina Torres
I chose to apply to UT in NYC because although I've visited New York, I really crave being a part of that world. As a fashion student, New York has always been my next stop. UT in NYC is an incredible program that gives us the inside scoop on the industry's working while giving us a taste of what it's like to work in the city. Professor Apfel is an incredible inspiration and I look forward to being in her presence and learn from her as much as I can.

Mary Wheat
I applied to UT in NYC after watching the Iris documentary, hearing about some of my friends' fantastic experiences with the program, and patiently waiting until my junior year. Although I'm a Finance major, I knew immediately that I had to give the application a shot, or I'd regret it forever. Spending time with some of the best and the brightest in the industry will be an inspirational and eye-opening. Nothing makes me more enthused than passionate, creative people, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I couldn't pass up.

Hannah Wilmeth
I applied to the UT to NYC trip because I want to understand the fashion industry better. I want to learn how it works, and I want to learn how I can change the industry to be more ethical and sustainable. I want to help change the world through my love of fashion.