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UT Alumna Greenley Littlejohn at Guess

UT Alumna Greenley Littlejohn at Guess

UT Alumna Greenley Littlejohn graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in textiles and apparel. She moved out to Los Angeles with a dream of learning about different jobs in the merchandising field of textiles and apparel hoping that she would find the perfect fit for her. She had the pleasure of interning for Eckhaus Latta in downtown LA as a production intern. Her internship opened new doors for her and she recently accepted a new offer to work for Guess? Inc. downtown as a product development specialist. We caught up with her and learned all about her experience as an intern and got her advice on what skills you should hold on to after graduation.

What's the most memorable thing that you can take away from your experience at Eckhaus Latta?

Going to New York Fashion Week in September. The show was in Bushwick. There were interns from New York and LA there. We all worked together so well because everybody really loves the brand. Mike and Zoe, the founders, are so down to earth and have such an amazing aesthetic. The models were all different kinds of people- from actress India Muñez to Mike's own mother. Afterwards, the show was well received and written up by Vogue as one of the top 12 best emerging brands.

What's the best project you've had the pleasure of working on?

Apparel Magic. It was a bit tedious, but I helped with the transition of organizing all of the bills of materials into the backend system. It was really satisfying to see it all organized in one place, and it really helped with costing in the long run. Organizing the sale is fun as well, because we get to see things from old seasons.

What was the most important thing you learned at UT that has prepared you for what you're involved in now?

The most important things I took with me from UT came from learning how to write my thesis-- which included how to use Excel and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (the industry uses this for international shipping). This was something that I was interviewed about in my new job. Additionally, sewn product analysis as a class. Working in production and product development you must know all of these tiny details, points of measurement and washes. Some you can learn onsite, but I was happy to have a sufficient knowledge base.

Any advice to those of us about to graduate and take on the real world?

Stay patient with yourself and with others. If you think you might want to move-- do it now. You'll probably never be less inhibited and now is the opportunity to put yourself in a position to get the job you want. Take Mrs. P's advice and send thank you notes. Learn to use Excel. Respond to emails on time.

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