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The "Science of Love" featured on KXAN news

The Science of Love • Dr. Lisa Neff & Dr. Steven Phelps • The Texas Science Festival • Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 12 PM CDT – 12:45 PM CDT • sciencefest.utexas.edu
HDFS Associate Professor, Dr. Lisa Neff, and Integrative Biology Professor, Dr. Steven Phelps, are collaborating on the "Science of Love" presentation for the Texas Science Festival on March 23. They will share the origins of human love and strategies for overcoming what often stands in the way of maintaining a happy marria...

FACULTY SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Jaimie Davis and The Work That She is Doing to Improve Childhood Obesity

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jaimie Davis PhD, RD Dr. Jaimie Davis is the Faculty  Spotlight for this month. Jaimie N. Davis, PhD, RD is an Associate Professor at The University of Texas at Austin. She is a Registered Dietitian and received her PhD in Nutritional Sciences. She currently serves as the Graduate School Committee Chair ...
Sweet Potatoes, Yams, and Cassava

Sweet Potatoes, Yams, and Cassava

Yams, sweet potatoes, and cassava are classed as tuberous root vegetables that come from a flowering plant but are not related and do not have much in common. In the U.S., they are marketed as different vegetables. Yams are native to Africa and Asia and can be the size of a regular potato to five feet long! They have a cylindrical shape with a bark...

HDFS Grad Students Attend SRA Summer School in Greece!

​Two HDFS grad students, Meg Bishop and Shanting Chen, traveled overseas to attend SRA Summer School in Kalamata, Greece. Read about their experience below!  Interdisciplinary, global perspectives on adolescence: Reflections from the 2019 EADP/EARA/SRA Summer School in Kalamata, GreeceMeg Bishop, M.A.University of Texas at Austin...

Alumni Interview: Brandi Russell

Brandi Russell is a TXA alum now working at Citizens of Humanity in New York City. What opportunities lead you to your current job at Citizens of Humanity? I first started at Citizens of Humanity as a general showroom intern the summer before my senior year! I was determined to intern somewhere in the city that summer and I applied to over 40 ...