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HDFS provides funding to all graduate students in the program for 5 years, including some level of summer funding. Funding typically is in the form of teaching assistantships, although some students are funded as research assistants through faculty grants. A handful of advanced graduate students each year serve as Assistant Instructors (AIs) for undergraduate courses; AIs are responsible for developing the course syllabus, teaching, and designing and overseeing labs. Newly enrolled graduate students should check with the graduate coordinator as soon as possible to ascertain the department’s needs and academic position availability for the upcoming semester. Teaching Assistantship and Assistant Instructor position availability is dependent upon the department’s annual budget. Graduate student employees of the department are provided monthly compensation, full tuition, and complete medical benefits.  
Graduate research Assistantship (GRA) paid positions are funded by faculty grants and are filled at the discretion of the faculty Principal Investigator. GRAs receive monthly compensation, full tuition, and complete medical benefits.  
Important policies, deadlines, and forms pertaining to graduate student academic employment can be found at the Graduate School.