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Students apply for the following fall semester by December 1 and for the following spring semester by May 1. Your Human Ecology advisor will give you information about the practicum application. If you are interested in starting your HDF 355 practicum prior to your senior year, please contact the practicum coordinator. Click here for Practicum FAQs.


• Application deadlines are May 1 for the following spring semester and December 1 for the following fall semester.

• HDF 652F and 652P are taken a student’s last semester of coursework, with the exception of  classes left to take in summer school.

• HDF 355 is a two-semester practicum; students must plan their academic calendar accordingly. Students can begin taking HDF 355 prior to their senior year.

• Students must have an application on file with the practicum coordinator.

• If a student is recruited by a professor for an HDF 355, the student should contact the practicum coordinator for a shortened application procedure.

• Application is not a guarantee of acceptance, nor does it mean that a student is committed and cannot change their mind.

• Applications are given to the student by their academic advisor.

• It is up to the student to decide if they want the research or applied practicum when they meet with their advisor, so that the advisor can lay out the student’s appropriate coursework.

• Students must attend a practicum information session (offered each semester) prior to submitting the application. The HE advisor will send out an email notice about upcoming information sessions.

• Students must submit the application, a current degree audit (less than one week old), and two references.

• For the applied practicum, students must have a GPA above a 2.00 and must have completed all required prerequisites prior to the start of their practicum semester. 

• For the research practicum, priority is given to students who have a GPA above 3.00.

• It is recommended that students take no other classes their applied practicum semester; students are limited to a total of 12 hours, including the practicum.

• For HDF 355, it is recommended that students take no more than 12 hours; the student’s research professor may waive this and allow the students to take more coursework. It is a case-by-case decision.

• You MUST attend all required meetings.

• You do not have to know if you want HDF 652F or 652P when you apply; that decision is made after you are placed at your site.


• Submit your application, with a degree audit,  by December 1 for the following summer (for HDF 355) and fall and by May 1 for the following spring

• Give your reference forms, with addressed, stamped envelopes,  to your references at least two weeks prior to the due date

• Approximately one month after the due date, you will receive notification, via email, about your acceptance or denial.  If denied, you will receive recommendations based on the information provided on your application; many times, turning in a new degree audit or additional information allows acceptance.

• Mid-semester prior to your practicum semester, you will be emailed and notified about a required meeting where different practicum options and sites will be discussed.  At this time, you decide if you want the research or applied practicum. 

• After the meeting, you will begin the interview and placement process.

• By the end of the semester, you will know where you will spend your practicum semester.