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The "Science of Love" featured on KXAN news

The Science of Love • Dr. Lisa Neff & Dr. Steven Phelps • The Texas Science Festival • Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 12 PM CDT – 12:45 PM CDT • sciencefest.utexas.edu

HDFS Associate Professor, Dr. Lisa Neff, and Integrative Biology Professor, Dr. Steven Phelps, are collaborating on the "Science of Love" presentation for the Texas Science Festival on March 23. They will share the origins of human love and strategies for overcoming what often stands in the way of maintaining a happy marriage or romantic relationship.

"I'm really excited to get people to think about the bonds in their lives," Dr. Phelps said in the article.

Check out the KXAN article and video to get a preview of some information shared in the presentation.

During February and March, the Texas Science Festival is free and open to the public featuring presentations from the College of Natural Sciences faculty. View the full festival schedule and register for sessions, including the "Science of Love" at sciencefest.utexas.edu.

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