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TXA Student Cambry Prichard Interns for Kick Pleat

TXA Student Cambry Prichard Interns for Kick Pleat

Senior designer and merchandising student Cambry Prichard is well known for working outside of her comfort zone. Prichard came to the University of Texas assuming she would only complete her degree in fashion merchandising, but soon realized she also had a passion for design. As a junior in college she decided to pursue her love for fashion design in addition to her merchandising degree. This decision led Prichard to study abroad in Paris, intern at Kick Pleat and even participate in the senior designers' fashion show this spring. Take her advice and never be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone.

1.What degree are you working towards?

Currently working towards a degree in textiles and apparel: merchandising and consumer sciences with a concentration in apparel design.

2.What does your typical day look like at Kick Pleat?

Each day can be very different. That is typically how retail is, but most of my tasks revolve around keeping the store in order to produce sales. The main priority at any retail location is to sell merchandise, with that; my job consists of getting new merchandise onto the floor as soon as possible, by unpacking, checking, steaming, inputting merchandise into the online system, and tagging the merchandise.

3.What surprised you the most about this internship?

How open everyone was to my questions. Being an intern is a unique position; you are able to partake in many projects and activities that a specific job may not allow you to do. As an intern, higher management is typically very receptive to your questions and wants to help you learn.

4.What is the most important skill you learned at your internship?

Being flexible and adaptable. You never know what will be asked of you at an internship. Being able to quickly move from task to task with a good attitude will help you progress at any job.

5.Advice for TXA students looking to get an internship?

Take advantage of the services offered at the CNS career center. There are free resume reviews, mock interviews and more that can help you prepare for your future. Also, do not limit yourself during internships; a lot of knowledge can be gained from interning. You are in a great position to ask questions and try to better understand the fashion industry, and your part in it. 

written by TXA student Taylor Hicks