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Where are they 3 years after graduation?

At Ralph Lauren in New York City!

Haleigh Clark, who graduated with the class of 2014 in the Division of Textiles and Apparel, found her passion in the fashion industry through a class in fashion illustration and rendering taken from our very own Eve Nicols.

During her final semester at UT, Clark interned at Milly in NYC and is now an Assistant Concept Designer at Ralph Lauren in New York. She ended up at this position through an online opening, which she admits is unusual and lucky, but emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of an opportunity. 

Clark confided that the most useful course she took at UT was the CAD class because she uses these skills everyday and as a designer the programs are "critical." 

"Everything you're learning now will show up in the real world," she says. Her parting advice is to be persistent in breaking into the fashion industry.