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What does synthesis mean in fashion?

Synthesis—the theme of this year's fashion show—illustrates how the innovative designs and diverse talents of 22 students are woven into a cohesive unit that reflects relationships formed over time in Gearing Hall. This year's synthesis of fabric, effort and ideas debuts on April 19th at the Frank Erwin Center.

"Our students are busy preparing their final collections as the culmination of their four years of study here at UT," says faculty member Gail Chovan. "I can attest to the overwhelming amount of creativity, energy and skill that is needed for this project. These seniors have been working non-stop: daily, evenings and weekends."

Chovan, as well as faculty member Jessica Ciarla, mentors students through the design and construction process for an annual fashion show that show attracts over 5,000 Austin-area viewers and the attention of professionals in the fashion industry.

Textile and Apparel students take years of courses in science, business, and design. For those who are design seniors, the fashion show is the time to announce themselves in the fashion industry and display their exceptional talent. Notable employers of current and past students include Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, Zac Posen, Betsey Johnson, Brooks Brothers, and Macy's.

The student-run University Fashion Group works diligently to assemble the fashion show.This year, audiences will be treated to over 120 handcrafted pieces in the active wear, bridal gowns, evening wear, and collections categories. Judges and viewers will see the exceptional creativity and skills of the designers displayed in their use of custom digital prints, programmable lights, and performance fabrics.

A special category this year celebrates the collaboration between the senior designers and the University Co-op. The "Winning Season" features new interpretations of game day style.

"My group's Co-op project was inspired by typical game day apparel," says student Dallas Skidmore. "We wanted to construct a garment that could be easily worn at an outdoor event, but also be fashion forward."


Fashion Show "Synthesis" is on Wednesday April 19th at 7:15pm in the Frank Erwin Center and is broadcasted live on Longhorn Network (LHN). The show will be opened by Ockhee Bego, Fashion Show Director, and Deborah Jacovitz, Director of the School of Human Ecology.

A preview of up and coming student designers begins at 5:30pm in the Lone Star Room. This will include the portfolios and research of the 29 junior designers as well as submissions for the Co-Op student design challenge.