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In the News: Creative Kints Developed by Faculty

The October issue of Metropolis Magazine features the geometric, dimensional knits of Luisa Gil Fandiño, faculty member in Textiles and Apparel.

As noted in the magazine:

"I'm always looking for textile seduction in my pieces," says textile designer Luisa Gil Fandiño. "I like how people are driven to touch the pieces and react to the texture." She uses algorithms to create works that are highly technical yet pleasing to the eye. Tapping into her industrial design background—and her passion for geometry, tessellations, and fractals—Gil's designs evoke the organic structures often found in nature, particularly the landscapes of Colombia, where she is originally from.

Gil Fandiño was recently was selected as a fellow of Artist INC by Austin's Small Business Program, and her textile creations are made under the brand Fandindo.

Read more in Metropolis Magazine:

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