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Polishing Fashion Savvy Through Handbags

Kelly Wynne photoshoot by Ashley Sereno

Nordstrom, Vera Wang, In Style, Michael Kors:  all Textiles and Apparel students at UT Austin complement their classroom learning with internships in department stores, design studios and other institutions. Internships and other forms of experiential learning are historic parts of all programs associated with the School of Human Ecology.

Let's check in with senior Ashley Sereno for her thoughts about the Austin-based internship that she rounded up!

This was my internship: One day I would research new national retailers to carry a handbag line, another I'd run around Austin snapping pictures of products, and the next I'd brainstorm new bag designs.

I interned with Kelly Wynne from my junior through senior years, starting out as a Wholesale Assistant. I applied for the Wholesale position because it was an area that I knew absolutely nothing about. I was willing to try something new. That's what internships are for: to grow your knowledge.

In the summer, I worked in all areas of the company. I helped with photo shoots for new lines, put together visuals for Instagram, and created original stories for the blog and website.

The team at this fashion company was truly amazing and collaborative. I was encouraged to thrive, make mistakes, and voice opinion.

I got a broad and in-depth view of the fashion industry at Kelly Wynne, and I witnessed a start-up grow to open its first retail store.This was such a unique, rewarding experience.

To learn more about internship opportunities as part of the Textiles and Apparel program at UT Austin, please contact Eve Nicols (fashion design) and Nancy Prideaux (retail merchandising).