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The Wide-Open Classroom of NYC

Some undergraduates go the extra mile, and Tré (Miles) is one of them. He is spending the summer as a wholesale intern for Creatures of Comfort, a clothing store in New York City. This is in addition to his degree-required internship, which will be with Michael Kors this Fall.

Let's check in to see what he is thinking, thanks to a recent social media post.

What does a typical day look like? 

I wouldn't necessarily say there is a typical day at Creatures, at least not for me. I assist everyone from the design team to the women in the store. 

Each day I have at least one task, but I usually have three or more jobs a day. 

I started just as the team was gearing up for Resort 2018 and, with that said, I've done such things as: making a collection fabric sheet, tagging samples, memorizing the showroom and preparing it for each client, picking/purchasing/arranging floral displays for the showroom and press day, assist in visually merchandising the showroom/store, sit in on staff meetings, and ultimately working directly with the wholesale team to understand the vision the designers are conveying with the collection.

What is the most important thing you have learned so far?
Nothing is truly beyond my capabilities. I've always been someone who underestimates myself as I tend to be an "expect the worst, hope for the best" person. But I've learned that my concerns are unreasonable and that we are rarely given tasks beyond our competences.

What advice can you give current TXA students in order to prepare them for a career in fashion after they graduate?
Not all stress is bad stress; just figure out which of your stressors are coming from a not-so-bad place and use that as your motivation to reach your goal.