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Faculty Spotlight & Video: Eve Nicols

Guest blog post by TXA student, Kubo (Ethan Ramos)

When a UT student at a party asks "What's your major?" 

and another student responds with "TXA" this is how it usually goes:

*Loud music playing

"So what's your major?"           "TXA"

"What's that?"    "Textiles & Apparel."

"Huh"            "TEXTILES AND APPAREL"

"WHAT?"                                "FASHION."

"Ohhhhh! Ok, ok. You confused me!"

This interaction usually occurs because of students not knowing about The University of Texas's Textiles & Apparel major (TXA), also known as UT's "Fashion" program. "When future Longhorns apply for majors, most type in 'Fashion' to find no results unaware of the University terming Fashion as "Textiles & Apparel," states TXA instructor, Eve Nicols, an ambitious professor who has expanded the program since the late 1990's.

Born in England, Eve has traveled the world designing in remarkable destinations such as Italy and Hong Kong where she eventually met her husband. After over a year of long distance phone calls, the love of Eve's life finally asked her to marry him and move to Austin, TX where she would find employment at the University of Texas at Austin.

With her charming and genuine personality, Eve quickly became a student-favorite professor within TXA and has continued to hold this reputation today. When asked to state what they admired by Eve, the TXA student body had no trouble discussing the positive impact Eve has had on their student careers. ​

Not only has she progressed the work of students but also the production of UT's annual fashion show which originally did not have funding or a venue upon her entering the planning committee. In recent years the fashion shows have now been hosted in the Frank Erwin center, with professional models and filming due to Eve's efforts for fundraising, networking, and promotion.

​Today Eve continues to inspire and guide students to join UT's Textiles and Apparel program by motivating Longhorns to follow their dreams just as she told me to do, which ultimately caused me to co-direct this documentary highlighting her astounding impact on the growth of TXA. I hope you enjoy watching "The Eve-olution of Fashion" and I thank you, Eve for encouraging me and many others to pursue our passion for fashion.