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Stress Makes Couples Focus on Their Partner’s Worst Habits

Stress Makes Couples Focus on Their Partner’s Worst Habits

Stress can cause romantic couples to focus on their partner's most annoying bad habits, according to a new study from Lisa Neff, a University of Texas at Austin associate professor of human development and family sciences, whose work was featured in several prominent media publications.

he study was published in September in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

"We found that individuals who reported experiencing more stressful life events outside of their relationship, such as problems at work, were especially likely to notice if their partner behaved in an inconsiderate manner," Neff said.

Researchers asked 79 heterosexual newlywed couples to complete a short survey each night for 10 days, in which they documented both their own and their partner's behavior. Before beginning this portion of the study, participants completed a questionnaire in which they shared details on stressful events in their life.

Studying newlyweds drives home the significance of the results, Dr. Neff said, because couples are especially likely to focus on each other's positive behavior and overlook negative actions during the "honeymoon" period.

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