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SoHE Graduate Workshop--Monday, October 26th at 9am

SoHE Graduate Workshop--Monday, October 26th at 9am

The School of Human Ecology will be hosting our second graduate student workshop of the Fall 2020 Semester on Monday, October 26th at 9am. This workshop will feature three recent graduates from the School of Human Ecology that went on to careers in Industry. Feel free to join what will certainly be a lively and interesting discussion about making the transition from Academia to Industry.

Zoom Link here:  https://utexas.zoom.us/j/99600257410

Speakers listed below

Dr. Holly Ryon

Dr. Holly Ryon was a visiting professor of Psychology at Southwestern University in Georgetown after graduating from University of Texas at Austin in 2014 where her research interests included health behaviors and personality as well as the support process within couples and what role individual personality characteristics play in that process. Dr. Ryon is currently a data analyst for the State of Texas--specifically, the Texas Education Agency. Outside of work, Dr. Ryon is an avid outdoorsperson and animal advocate. You can usually find her on a hike, on a bike, somewhere in a tent, somewhere in the surf or by the sea, usually accompanied by her furry companion, Pearl.

Dr. Jerica Bornstein

Dr. Jerica Bornstein graduated with her PhD in Human Development and Family Sciences where she studied how our romantic relationships influence our mental and physical health. Currently, she is a Sr UX Researcher at Vrbo, on the Measurements and Metrics team where she conducts site intercept surveys to understand users' experience.

Dr. Reese Ochsner

Dr. Reese Ochsner is a medical liaison with Novo Nordisk who serves as the clinical obesity expert for Oklahoma and Texas. Dr. Ochsner received her PhD in nutritional sciences from the University of Texas at Austin and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in obesity at The University of Maryland School of Medicine. She was an assistant professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine and also worked as a pediatric outpatient dietitian there. Prior to joining the field medical affairs team at Novo Nordisk, Dr. Ochsner worked as a certified diabetes educator in Louisiana. She recently relocated to Houston, Texas.

She functions as a scientific liaison between NovoNordisk and key external customers to further scientific exchange. Provides advanced product and scientific and medical field support to Medical, Sales and Marketing, as well as Managed Care and Government by using academic credentials and scientific expertise to communicate with health care providers, organized providers/accounts and other relevant healthcare organizations.