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How did the pandemic affect relationships? HDFS faculty share findings and tips

Human Development and Family Sciences faculty have studied how the isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic has affected people and relationships the past year, and the findings are featured in the article, "Alone Together: The Science of Pandemic Relationships" in The Texas Scientist
The following faculty and studies are highlighted in the article:
  • Karen Fingerman shares her findings in a new study about how seniors are coping with isolation.
  • Hannah Williamson was previously studying how couples cope with stress and shares how these couples fared in the pandemic.
  • LIsa Neff and Marci Gleason found how people blamed the pandemic affected their satisfaction with relationships.
  • The HDFS Faculty weigh in on helpful tips to help yourself and your relationships, including tips for parents from Deborah Jacobvitz.
The article has helpful findings and recommendations that can help all of us cope during times of isolation and as the world returns to a more normal state.