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Visualizing Science: Congrats Meng Huo!

Congratulations to HDFS graduate student Meng Huo on earning 2nd place in the Visualizing Science competition of the College of Natural Sciences, UT Austin!

Here is the
description of her image:

"In late
life, individuals are at risk of cognitive declines, physical impairments, and
loneliness. Tracking the conversations and ambient sounds in an older adult's
daily life provides a window into how their everyday activities may contribute
to or mitigate these risks. This acoustic rendering represents the top half of
a clock and portrays sounds captured in an older adult's waking hours from 9am
to 3pm. The brown spikes are television viewing, when the person was likely
sedentary with an increased risk of physical and cognitive decline. The rainbow
sections are conversations, which reduce risks of cognitive decline and

See the rest
of the winners at  https://cns.utexas.edu/news/visualizing-science-2018