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Food-Borne Disease Internship with DSHS, Summer 2018

Students will participate in an applied public health food-borne outbreak investigation. Students will be supervised by Dr. Marilyn Felkner and mentored by professionals at the Texas Department of State Health Services, Emerging and Acute Infectious Disease Branch in Austin, TX. Students will complete a 20-hour training program in enteric pathogens, interviewing techniques, and Excel skills related to data entry and management.  Following the training, students will work an average of 12 hours of field work/week (for full summer term; 20 hours/week for 9-week option) and conduct a minimum of # interviews and enter data from a minimum of # completed questionnaires (total of at least 180 hours). Students will recieve credit for internship by registering for PBH 337W Studies in Foodborne Disease.

Prerequisites: Grade of B- or better in both PBH 354 (Epidemiology) and BIO 326M (Introductory Medical Microbiology and Immunology)

Preference will be given to students who have completed PBH 338 (Environmental Health) with a grade of at least B-.

Application is closed for Summer 2018. Check back in Spring 2019 for Summer 2019 application. 


Global Health in Action: Study Abroad in Guatemala, Summer 2019

This program will provide students an optimal balance of challenge and support – fostering growth in professional humility, positively engaging with different cultures, and broadening worldviews through academics and excursions/field trips aligned with sustainable development goals for public health specializations.

Learn more at the Study Abroad Fair on Wednesday Sept 12 at Gregory Plaza.

More information coming soon!