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Lopez, Briana

Briana Lopez (she/her/ella)

Teaching Assistant
Department of Human Development and Family Sciences

Research Advisor is Dr. Aprile Benner


B.A., University of North Florida, Psychology, Concentration in Child Psychology, 2019

Briana is a third year Ph.D. student in the Human Development and Family Sciences program at the University of Texas at Austin 

Research Advisor

Dr. Aprile Benner

Research Interests

Briana's research interests broadly focus on how families, schools, and other social contexts influence the early academic and socioemotional wellbeing of racial and ethnic minority youth. Her research utilizes a strengths-based, culturally-relevant approach to promote racially and ethnically minoritized children’s developmental outcomes while also working to eliminate achievement and opportunity gaps.

Lopez, B.A.*, Nicholson, J.S.*, Garcia, R.N., Johnson, H.R., Power, T.G., & Hughes, S.O. (2022). Review and meta-analysis for the Caregiver’s Feeding Styles Questionnaire administered to low-Income families. Eating Behaviors.