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Public health students, on the Option III: Advance Program track, at the University of Texas at Austin have the option of earning a graduate Certificate in Public Health and applying those credits towards an Masters in Public Health (MPH) from the  UT Health Science Center School of Public Health (UTSPH). 

Students accepted to the Accelerated Master's Advanced Program, formely known as the 4+1 program will take undergraduate courses and graduate courses at the UTSPH Austin Regional Campus while at UT Austin during their senior year. After graduating from UT Austin and completing the graduate Certificate in Public Health, students have the option to earn their MPH at any UTHealth School of Public Health campus. An MPH usually takes two (2) full years to complete. Students must graduate with their undergraduate BS PBH degree in order to continue with the MPH program. 

Successful participants of the Public Health Accelerated Masters Program were able to articulate their passion for public health, and had excellent time management skills. 

How to Apply

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Be a current BS Public Health undergraduate student in your junior year.
  2. Have a minimum 3.0 UT GPA by the end of the spring semester prior to the summer when you will be applying to UTHealth.
  3. Ability to successfully complete 2 to 3 graduate courses per semester beginning in the senior fall semester (prior to graduating the following May).
  4. Be able to enroll in 18 hours or less at UT Austin in the following academic year.*
    • This can include taking  9 hours in the fall and 9 hours in the spring.
    • If students take classes during the summer, students will need to ensure that they do not exceed 18 hours during the academic year.
  5. Plan to graduate in May or August of the following academic year.

 *Please note as you are planning your undergraduate classes: students in the Accelerated Master's program are not required to complete the Concentration/Specialization requirement.

Classes you are taking at UTHealth will be transferred back to your UT Austin transcript so that you can graduate.

If you are unsure about your degree requirements, contact your academic advisor.


Steps to apply:

  1. The Accelerated Masters Program interest form opens on March 1st and closes on April 1st at 5pm annually. 
  2. Schedule a time to meet with a PBH faculty by April 20th to explore program fit. After you complete the interest form, you will be provided with a link to sign up for a time to meet with a faculty member.
  3. If you are on financial aid, you will also be instructed to meet with Texas One Stop, to understand how this will impact your financial aid. PBH Faculty will connect you.
  4. If you decide to move forward, apply to UTHealth by July 1. More information will be shared. 


If you have questions about the process or program, see the Accelerated Master’s FAQs here.

If you have an eligibility question for the program, please contact your academic advisor or the Human Ecology Advising Center (headvising@austin.utexas.edu).   


Information Sessions

Information sessions are held during both Fall and Spring semesters.

The recorded information session from 2/27. Info session recording



Questions? Please contact:

Human Ecology Advising Center, GEA 37