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Leanne H. Field, Ph.D.
Director, Public Health, Health Information Technology and 
Medical Laboratory Science Programs
Main Office: PAI 1.06B
Phone: (512) 475-8897

Shawna Al-Mashouq, J.D.
Senior Academic Program Coordinator for Public Health
Main Office: GEA 319
Phone: (512) 471-3375

Maggie Rigney, M.A.
Assistant Academic Advisor,
Human Ecology Advising Center
Main Office: GEA 37
Phone: (512) 471-7219

Chris Connelly, M.Ed.
Senior Academic Advisor, CNS Center for First-Year Advising
Main Office: WCH 1.106
Phone: (512) 471-3796



Program Description

The United States and the State of Texas face a workforce crisis in public health. To help meet workforce shortages in our State and Nation, the College of Natural Sciences B.S. Degree in Public Health prepares graduates for entry level positions in public health and equips them to pursue certificate and graduate degrees in the field.

Several student populations are served by the degree including those interested in health careers and in dual degree programs (e.g. medicine and public health). The degree is administered by the School of Human Ecology (SoHE) and is be overseen by a Senior Program Coordinator.  Students are advised in the Human Ecology Advising Center. This interdisciplinary degree plan includes prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics (BIO 311C and 311D and CH 301 and 302 and a calculus 1 course); foundational courses; core courses in public health; and a choice of six elective concentration areas. Student cohorts are facilitated by common courses taken, participation in Texas Public Health (an undergraduate student organization focused on public health), public health internships, summer research, volunteer opportunities and attendance at local and regional public health conferences.

The degree program began in the Fall 2010 and as of the Fall 2016, 321 students have graduated.  Interdisciplinary faculty from Biological Sciences, the LBJ School of Public Affairs, the Department of Sociology and the Texas Department of State Health Services have been recruited to teach public health courses.  Strong support for the degree program also has been provided by the Bridging Disciplines Program, the Center for Women's & Gender Studies, the College of Engineering, the Jackson School of Geosciences, the LBJ School of Public Affairs, Schools of Law, Nursing and Undergraduate Studies, the Texas Interdisciplinary Plan, the Departments of Advertising and Public Relations, Economics, Kinesiology and Health Education, Geography and the Environment, Government, Mathematics, Nutritional Sciences, and Sociology.

External supporters of the degree program include the George Washington University, School of Public Health and Health Services; The University of Texas School of Public Health (Austin, Brownsville, and Houston campuses); the Association of Schools of Public Health; the Association of Public Health Laboratories; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office of Workforce and Career Development; the Texas Department of State Health Services; and the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department. 

 Degree Options

There are three degree options for Public Health majors: 

  • Option I  - BS in Public Health
  • Option II  - Public Health Honors 
  • Option III  - Advanced Program (BS and MPH or "4+1")

Degree Checklists


Visit the SoHE Advising Center for more information on the Public Health major!