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This internship is for undergraduate public health students at UT Austin who are interested in gaining experience in public health through partnerships with state and local public health agencies and other institutions involved in population health.

Student interns will have the opportunity to conduct goal-oriented, semester-long research projects for university credit under the supervision of public health practitioners. In addition to valuable research experience, student interns will gain communication skills by participating in written discussion with peers and preparing an oral presentation about their completed projects. They will present their projects before an audience that includes their fellow interns.

Students will be selected to participate based on merit via a competitive process without regard to race, color, religion, or gender. Completed applications will be reviewed and students may be interviewed in person or by telephone. Selected students will be assigned research projects based on the mutual interest of the student and mentor. 

Student interns must complete 180 hours of work for the semester (approximately 12 hours/week during fall and spring semesters, 16 hours/week during long summer session) to earn 3 hours of academic credit in PBH 341R Public Health Research. They must provide their own transportation to the internship site for in-person internships. 

The Public Health Internship Program is offered fall, spring, and summer. No lecture classes are held. Students must attend presentation sessions at the conclusion of the course.


Application Requirements

  1. Enrollment at the University of Texas at Austin as a degree seeker in Public Health
  2. Junior or senior standing with at least a 3.0 grade point average (GPA)
  3. Prerequisite Coursework: Completion of PBH 317, BIO 325, SDS 328M, and PBH 354. Other coursework may be preferred depending on the internship.


Application Process

  1. Complete the online application form and submit it by the deadline.
  2. Applicants must be able to commit to working 12 hours per week for the semester, or 16 hours per week for the long summer session at the internship site plus additional time interacting with Dr. Felkner and fellow interns.


Texas Department of State Health Services Internship Application

Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) offers internships through their own competitive application process. Acceptance to any DSHS internship will result in automatic acceptance to the Public Health internship program and the PBH 341R course. Students interested in a DSHS internship must apply directly through the DSHS website. If accepted, forward your acceptance to Dr. Felkner to enroll in the PBH 341R course.


The Fall 2022 application will open Monday,  july 11.


Virtual information session with Dr. Felkner: Tuesday, July 12 at 6:00pm (Zoom link here)

View Fall 2022 PBH 341R internship descriptions: Available here

Deadline to apply: Monday, July 28 at 5pm


Students will be notified of decision by Tuesday, August 2. 

Please contact Dr. Marilyn Felkner with questions.