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The Human Ecology Honors Research & Honors Thesis courses are restricted to students who have permission to enroll.  Instructions for gaining registration access are provided below.

  • HDF 355H, NTR 355H: Honors Research

  • HDF 379H, NTR 379H, PBH 379H, TXA 379H: Honors Tutorial Course (Thesis)

Honors Programs (HANS & HAHDFS): Students pursuing an honors degree program are required to complete at least two semesters of 355H and two semesters of 379H. Students typically begin 355H during the spring of sophomore year or fall of junior year at the latest. Therefore, it is important to begin looking into faculty research areas that may interest you throughout freshman and early sophomore year (see links to faculty research areas below).  In order to register for your 355H course, you must have a specific faculty member identified & confirmed.  Registration procedures are detailed below. See Sample Degree Plans on the SoHE Advising Center website for an example of course layout.

  • HANS students beginning Fall 2022 and later (22-24 catalog and later): You will select any BS Nutrition degree option and incorporate the research and thesis coursework into the degree plan. Your major name/degree title does not include HANS, however "Special Departmental Honors" in nutrition is printed on your transcript upon graduation

Special Departmental Honors: Students pursuing Special Departmental Honors typically complete at least one semester each of 355H and 379H.  Students pursuing Special Departmental Honors in Public Health complete two semesters of PBH 379H.

Thesis Seminars: Although these courses don't have a scheduled meeting time on the course schedule, there are seminars each Fall and Spring taught by Dr. Ladia Hernandez to help you with the research and thesis process. Students receive information about this from Dr. Hernandez each semester. 

Faculty Research Areas/Bios: