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The mission of Public Health is to preserve, promote, and improve the health and well being of populations, communities, and individuals. To fulfill this mission, we foster collaborations among public health students and the health professions in education, research, and service.

Please visit the Public Health website or contact the SoHE Advising Center for more information about the program.


Course Schedule Updates

Course Schedule Updates FOR fall 2024

Reserved Classes: All Upper-Division PBH classes are reserved for Public Health majors (unless consent is given by the professor). If you meet the pre-requisites, you will be able to register for the class. 


PBH 337 Maternal and Child Health | Dr. Jorgensen | TTH 2:00pm-3:30pm | 51105

  • Pre-requisites: Upper-Division Standing (open to all majors)


PBH 337 Diverse Communities and Health Equity | Dr. Schnarrs | TTH 4:30pm-6:00pm | 51100

  • Pre-requisites: Upper-Division Standing (open to all majors)


PBH 363 Project Management, Planning, and Evaluation | TBD | MW 1:30pm-3:00pm  | 51160

  • Pre-requisites: PBH 354 and SDS 320E 

PBH 367 Emerging/Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases | Dr. Field | TTH 9:30am-11:00am | 51175

  • Pre-requisites: Upper-Division Standing (open to all majors)

New Upper division Public Health  Elective Courses   

The Public Health Department has developed four new courses to compliment the required upper division PBH classes required for your degree. Any of the classes listed below can count towards any of the Concentration lists found in the "Concentration Course Lists" section. You can begin taking these courses after completing PBH 354 and SDS 328M. 

1) PBH 362: Epidemiology II (currently being taught by Dr. Taylor)

2) PBH 367: Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases (currently being taught by Dr. Field) 

3) PBH 337: Diverse Communities and Health Equity (currently being taught by Dr. Schnarrs) 

4) PBH 337: Maternal and Child Health (currently being taught by Dr. Jorgensen) 

5) PBH 364: Field Epidemiology (currently being taught by Dr. Felkner)

6) PBH 366: Global Health in Action (currently being taught by Dr. Felkner) 

7) PBH 363: Project Management, Planning and Evaluation (currently being taught by Dr. Jorgensen) 

8) PBH 365: Public Health Informatics (in development)


Currently, you can combine both the courses listed above and courses from a single concentration list (see section below) to fulfill the "specialization requirement" listed on your Interactive Degree Audit (IDA).