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View tabs below for announcements, Dietetics info, prereq updates, registration information, and more!

Nutrition students will also receive an email from Human Ecology Advising about one week before registration begins with updates related to NTR courses. 


Registration News


See below for important NTR registration news & reminders about: NTR schedule changes, reserved classes, prereq waiveres, and lecture/lab registration tips.

Also see the NTR Prereq Updates and NTR 365 Topics tabs above for important prereq information before you register, because some courses have **fewer prereqs** than what is listed on the Course Schedule!


NTR Schedule Changes (Spring 2023):


  • NTR 331 International Nutrition: Social/Environmental Policies

Time Changes:

  • NTR 126L Nutritional Sciences Labs: Friday discussion changed to 11am (instead of 9am).

  • NTR 315 Nutrition Through the Lifecycle (#53415): Changed to T/TH 2:00-3:30pm with Dr. Widen. 

  • NTR 337 Principles of Epidemiology in Nutritional Sciences (#53505): Changed to MWF 12-1pm with Dr. Hernandez. 

  • NTR 343 Vitamins & Minerals (#53530): Changed to T/TH 3:30-5:00pm


"Reserved" Classes: 

Nutrition majors are able to add/waitlist for the following "reserved" classes.  Reserved means priority is given to Nutrition majors into open seats. 

If needed, always add yourself to a waitlist (look for the 'add to waitlist' option below the error message that says the class is full/reserved). 

Non-Nutrition majors can still add/waitlist for these classes, and you will probably have to waitlist at first.  Please add yourself to the waitlist as needed.  (It looks like this.)

  • NTR 312 Intro Nutritional Sciences 

  • NTR 307 & 107L Food Science Lab  
    • Nutrition majors: Add lab first before lecture. Waitilist for two sections of the lab as needed.  Must be taken in same semester.
    • Non-Nutrition majors: can take NTR 307 by itself (ex. for Food & Society Certificate or as an elective; must meet the NTR 306 prereq).  All majors can add/waitlist for NTR 307 & 107L.

  • NTR 355 Research & NTR 352 Field Experience Classes: Must receive pre-approval to register for these during registration or during the add/drop time.  See registration details here.



You may need to request a Prerequisite Waiver in the situations below to avoid issues during registration.  

Email headvising@austin.utexas.edu before or during registration.
Subject Line: Prereq Waiver for [Course You Are Adding] - Name & EID

  • Claimed AP or transferred Statistics credit ("SDS 301"), and you need to register for:
    • NTR 312 Intro Nutritional Sciences
    • NTR 338W Issues in Nutrition & Health
  • Took NTR 306 Fundamentals of Nutrition (before becoming a NTR major) and need to register for:
    • NTR 307*
    • NTR 218* 
    • NTR 326
    • NTR 334*

      *must be registered into the corresponding lab first before waiver can be given 


Add lab first, then lecture (must be taken in same semester)

-Add yourself to two waitlists for the lab if possible.
-Add yourself to the lecture after you've gotten into the lab.

  • NTR 307 & 107L Food Science - "reserved" means priority for nutrition majors. All students can add/waitlist.

  • NTR 218 & 118L Assessment of Nutritional Status

  • NTR 334 & 234L Foodservice Systems Mgmt

  • NTR 324 & 124L Advanced Food Science - includes Upper Division Writing Flag & Independent Inquiry Flag at the moment. Check prereqs, and confirm flags on the Course Schedule each semester as these are subject to change.