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General Updates


General NTR & Course SChedule updates

See general updates and information about registration for lower-division NTR courses.

  • Sample Plan Updates:
    The four-year sample degree plans for BS Nutrition degrees (available here) have been updated to reflect a slightly different suggested course timline for NTR 342 & NTR 343.  It is now suggested to take these classes earlier (see the NTR Prereq Updates tab above for details).

  • NTR 324 & 124L Advanced Food Science - Flag Update
    This class is approved to count for an upper-divising Writing (Wr) flag.  It also has an Independent Inquiry (II) flag.
    • The course schedule currently doesn't show the writing flag, however a petition has been approved to count for writing flag.  It can be applied to your degree audit if needed during spring semester.

  • For those needing BIO 206L lab (usually for pre-health professions only): There is a one-semester research experience "Nutrigenomics" open to all CNS majors, no application required. Details here

Lower Division Class Notes:

NTR 312 Intro to Nutritional Sciences

  • Pre-reqs: C- or better in CH 301; C- in calculus or statistics; and C- or concurrent registration in BIO 311C and CH 302. 
    • All students will be checked after registration to ensure prerequisites will be satisfied, otherwise you will be dropped from the course. 
  • "Reserved" means priority is given to NTR and Public Health majors.  Any major can add the course or waitlist though.
    • Nutrition majors: add yourself to the waitlist as needed and you have first priority to be added from the waitlist into an available seat.
  • NTR 112L lab no longer offered/required effective spring 2021 (students taking 112L in fall 2020 need to complete).

NTR 307 & NTR 107L Intro to Food Science and Lab

  • Nutrition Majors: Add NTR 107L lab first, then NTR 307 lecture.  You are required to take the lecture NTR 307 and lab NTR 107L together. 

    • "Reserved" means priority for nutrition majors, add to waitlist as needed! (two sections if possible)

  • Non-Nutrition Majors:  You are eligible to register for NTR 307 by itself.

  • Those in CNS planning to become NTR majors by spring 2021:  you are able to add yourself to the waitlist for NTR 107L lab any time during registration and add/drop.  Once your major is updated to Nutrition, you will have priority into any available seats during add/drop if a seat opens. You will need to be in both NTR 107L & 307 by the time school starts to keep your spot in the classes.


You may need to request a PREREQUISITE WAIVER in some cases, to avoid issues during registration.

Please email at headvising@austin.utexas.edu with name, EID, and explanation of situation if:

  • If you took NTR 306 and are trying to register for: NTR 307*, NTR 218*, NTR 326, NTR 334*
    • *after adding the labs first for these
  • For NTR 355M: You're taking ACC 310F or ACC 311 concurrently outside of UT/via University Extension and plan to register for NTR 355M the following semester.

  • For honors students who have NTR 312H/312R credit:  you may have issues registering for any upper division NTR class that lists "NTR 326" as a prereq.  Please contact your advisor if you have any issues registering.