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Nutrition students will also receive an email from Human Ecology Advising about one week before registration begins with updates related to NTR courses. 


Registration News


Nutrition Updates Email 2/28/23: email sent to all Nutrition students from Human Ecology Advising (click here to see!)

Below: NTR course number changes, NTR class time changes & cancellations, reserved classes, prereq waivers instructions, and lecture/lab tips.

For NTR prerequisite clarificiations & waivers: see the NTR Prereq Updates tab above before registration. Some courses have fewer prerequisites than what is listed on the course schedule, and a few situations require requesting a prerequisite waiver to register.

For NTR 365 Topics class information: see the NTR 365 Topics tab for more details.


NTR Course number changes - fall 2023

The following course numbers are changing effective fall 2023. If your degree plan requires one of the courses on the left, or you are taking for NTR hours for the BSA degree plan, then new course number should automatically substitute for the same requirement or hours on your Interactive Degree Audit (IDA). If you notice any issues on your Audit, please be in touch with your academic advisor.

NTR Course Numbers

Starting spring 2024: NTR 330 Nutrition Education and Counseling will change to NTR 330L Advanced Nutrition Assessment and Counseling

  • Dietetics students who have already taken or are currently taking NTR 218 & 118L Assessment of Nutritional Status should take NTR 330 in fall 2023 before this transition. This is due to upcoming updates to the course content for both NTR 218/118L and 330. The content will flow better if you take 330 while it's still offered in its current format during fall 2023. If you have any concerns about being able to take NTR 330 this fall, touch base with your advisor.

  • Once NTR 330L begins in spring 2024, the prerequisites will include NTR 317L (which is replacing NTR 218 & 118L effective fall 2023). Dietetics students will then take NTR 317L Intro Nutrition Assessment and Education followed by NTR 330L Advanced Nutrition Assessment and Counseling.


NTR Course Schedule changes - fall 2023

Time Changes:

  • See Course Schedule for updated times for: NTR 315, NTR 317L, NTR 126L (Friday lecture), NTR 339L, NTR 371


  • NTR 365 Topic 4 Obesity & Metabolic Health: Will be offered Spring 2024, along with NTR 365 Topic 2 Nutrition & Genes.

  • NTR 316 Culture & Food: possibly being cancelled

"Reserved" Classes: 

Nutrition majors are able to add/waitlist for the following "reserved" classes.  Reserved means priority is given to Nutrition majors into open seats. 

If needed, always add yourself to a waitlist (look for the 'add to waitlist' option below the error message that says the class is full/reserved). 

Non-Nutrition majors can still add/waitlist for these classes, and you will probably have to waitlist at first.  Please add yourself to the waitlist as needed.  (It looks like this.)

  • NTR 312 Intro Nutritional Sciences
    • All majors can add/waitlist, but most seats reserved for Nutrition and Public Health majors. If you become a Nutrition major after registration, you will have priority into available seats. 
    • NTR 312 is also typically offered in the first summer session (no prereqs enforced).

  • NTR 307 & 107L Food Science Lab  
    • Nutrition majors: Add lab first before lecture. Waitilist for two sections of the lab as needed.  Must be taken in same semester.
    • Non-Nutrition majors: can take NTR 307 by itself (ex. for Food & Society Certificate or as an elective; must meet the NTR 306 prereq).  All majors can add/waitlist for NTR 307 & 107L.

  • NTR 355 Research & NTR 352 Field Experience Classes:



You may need to request a Prerequisite Waiver in the situations below to avoid issues during registration.  

Email headvising@austin.utexas.edu before or during registration.
Subject Line: Prereq Waiver for [Course You Are Adding] - Name & EID

  • Claimed AP or transferred Statistics credit ("SDS 301"), and you need to register for the following.
    This is applicable to 20-22 and prior catalog students only. Students following 22-24 catalog must take SDS 302F (or 320E).
    • NTR 312 Intro Nutritional Sciences 
    • NTR 338W Issues in Nutrition & Health
  • Took NTR 306 Fundamentals of Nutrition with grade A (before becoming a NTR major) and need to register for:
    • NTR 307*
    • NTR 317L (previously NTR 218 & 118L) 
    • NTR 326
    • NTR 334*

      *must be registered into the corresponding lab first before waiver can be given 


Add lab first, then lecture (must be taken in same semester)

-Add yourself to two waitlists for the lab if possible.
-Add yourself to the lecture after you've gotten into the lab.

  • NTR 307 & 107L Food Science - "reserved" means priority for nutrition majors. All students can add/waitlist.

  • NTR 334 & 234L Foodservice Systems Mgmt