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View tabs below for announcements and registration information.  

Nutrition students will receive an email from Human Ecology Advising about one week before registration begins with updates related to NTR courses. 

See NTR Prereq Updates tab for important prereq information before you register - some courses have fewer prereqs than what is listed on the Course Schedule. 


General Updates


See below for important NTR news, "reserved" class notes, and common registration issues: 

Dietetics Updates

Dietetics Updates:

Integrated Coordinated Program in Dietetics (ICPD) Updates:  

    • Corrected sample degree plan:  See the 20-22 ICPD sample plan here. Please note that the sample plan emailed out earlier this summer had one error​​.  In this corrected plan, the undergraduate "calculus or SDS 332/324E" is still required.  The NTR 342 and NTR 343 requirements are still covered by Master's degree courses if accepted to the ICPD program.  Applicants should plan to take NTR 371 no later than the fall semester that you are applying.  

    • Fall 2021 ICPD Application Deadline: Sept 17th by 11:59pm (CST). See the ICPD website for all updated application directions and documents!  Those applying this fall will graduate in May 2024 after completing BS degree + supervised practice + MS degree.  

Dietetics Degree Requirement Updates (BS Nutrition: DPD & ICPD):
A few important updates were shared via email with all Nutrition students on Wednesday April 7th, 2021.  This impacts Didactic Program in Dietetics, Coordinated Program in Dietetics, and those in the HANS program who are also completing Dietetics requirements:

(1) NTR 355M Advanced Foodservice Management no longer offered starting fall 2021.  Take MAN 320F Foundations of Management & Organizational Behavior instead to fulfill requirement.

For those who haven't already taken NTR 355M, you will need to take MAN 320F instead to fulfill this requirement.  If you already have NTR 355M credit, no action is required.  
Also, MAN 320F should now be planned before NTR 334 & 234L Foodservice Systems Mgmt:
  • If you had already planned to take NTR 334 & 234L this fall and there isn't a great way to change this, you can still go ahead and take 334 & 234L in fall.
  • Starting for spring 2022, MAN 320F will be an enforced prerequisite to NTR 334 & 234L. 
  • Reasoning: The MAN 320F course will cover management concepts that will then be expanded on in NTR 334 Foodservice Systems Management.
Other notes:
  • MAN 320F is offered summer, fall, spring.  The prerequisite is 45 total hrs completed, so you can usually take as early as spring sophomore year.
  • If you have taken or plan to take MAN 320F for the business minor, it will overlap and cover the major requirement too!
(2) "ACC 310F or ACC 311" Requirement Update (waived under certain criteria):

  • For students taking NTR 334 & 234L Foodservice Systems Mgmt during fall 2021 and later: "ACC 310F or ACC 311" is no longer required.  It will be waived in this situation only.  If you meet this criteria and are currently taking/have already taken ACC 310F and have any concerns, please connect with your academic advisor for guidance.
  • For students who took NTR 334 & 234L during spring 2021 and earlier: you still need the "ACC 310F or ACC 311" credit before graduation.
Reasoning: The NTR 334 & 234L course is being updated starting fall 2021 to include the necessary accounting content for dietetics students.
Please take a look at any of your previously created degree plans to see how you can incorporate these changes, and plan to connect with your academic advisor if you have any questions.  Updated sample plans for reference are available here


"Reserved" classes: 

Nutrition majors are able to add/waitlist for the following.  It says "reserved" because priority is given to Nutrition majors into open seats.  Please add yourself to the waitlist as needed.  (It looks like this.)

  • NTR 312 Intro Nutritional Sciences.  The NTR 112L is no longer required.  You will be able to register without this.  Must meet all other listed prereqs by the start of fall 2021.
  • NTR 307 & 107L Food Science Lab.  Add lab before lecture.
  • NTR 365 Global Food Systems Design.  Limited enollment, see details here on how this will count.
Research & Field Experience Classes:
  • NTR 355/355H & NTR 352 - requires pre-approval from a faculty supervisor. See details here.


You may need to request a PREREQUISITE WAIVER in some cases, to avoid issues during registration.

Please email at headvising@austin.utexas.edu with name, EID, and explanation of situation if:

  • If you TRANSFERRED or CLAIMED CREDIT for Statistics (SDS 301), you will need to request a prerequisite waiver for:
    • NTR 312 - must have CH 301 with C- or better, and credit/registration for CH 302, BIO 311C
    • NTR 338W - must also have NTR 326 with C- or better and upper-division standing (60 hrs total) 

  • If you took NTR 306 and are trying to register for:
    • NTR 307 - must be registered into NTR 107L lab first before waiver can be given
    • NTR 218 - must be registered into NTR 118L lab first before waiver can be given
    • NTR 326
    • NTR 334 - must be registered into NTR 234L lab first before waiver can be given